LPM Bylaws Committee 2019: Back to Minor Party Status…For Now

LPM Bylaws Committee 2019: Back to Minor Party Status…For Now

Secretary of State Candidate Greg Stempfle at the Fall Convention. Photo by Scotty Boman

Secretary of State Candidate Greg Stempfle will be among the candidates attending the forum. Photo by Scotty Boman

By Greg Stempfle

Link to March 2019 Michigan Libertarian

Delegates attending the April 13 Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) State Convention will get the opportunity to vote on proposed changes to the state party bylaws.  Greg Stempfle was named chair of the 2019 LPM Bylaws Committee by the LEC at their January meeting and is assembling a committee consisting of a representative of each affiliate.  Stempfle previously chaired the special bylaws committee in 2016 that was formed when the LPM became a primary qualified party for the 2017-2018 election cycle and needed to bring the bylaws up to date with Michigan election law.

A unique year

“This will be a unique year for us as we transition from being a primary qualified party back to a minor party. Additionally, I feel that if Trump runs for re-election in 2020, there is a good possibility that our Presidential candidate will earn enough votes for us to re-qualify for the 2022 primary,” Stempfle said.

Our current state party bylaws address both years in which we are either a primary qualified party or a minor party, so no changes are required despite losing our primary party status. However, some of the changes that were made two years ago may be worth revisiting as are other issues that have arisen over the course of the last election cycle.

Members of the committee will discuss proposed changes to the bylaws over email throughout March and hold a zoom video conference meeting before the state convention to vote on our recommendations.  The date, time, and log in information to the zoom video conference will be made available upon request. A bylaws committee report will be made available to delegates and members at least five days in advance of the convention.

Propose a change

Any member of the LPM may submit proposed changes to the bylaws. The current state party bylaws can be found here:


To submit a proposal or request zoom videoconference login information, please email Greg Stempfle at gregstempfle@gmail.com.

Link to March 2019 Michigan Libertarian