Special Bylaws Convention & Liberty Fest Edition – Michigan Libertarian Vol. 45:12

Special Bylaws Convention & Liberty Fest Edition – Michigan Libertarian Vol. 45:12

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I hope that all Libertarians have enjoyed the past month plus post-election to renew themselves, spend time with family and friends, and participate in whatever traditions they hold for the end of year.

Around this, many in the Party have been working to make things happen that we hope you’ll get involved.    With this blast – the work product of the Special Commission on Bylaws.

Greg Stempfle and his team has worked diligently over the past weeks to work through many aspects of our bylaws to help us grow to become a more consistent force in Michigan politics.    There will be a Libertarian Primary in 2018 – and this team has worked to square our rules with the state statutes so our candidates will be properly considered.

The Special Convention is on February 4, 2017 for the purpose of considering the changes being recommended.   Your participation is needed!    All credentialed members of the Libertarian Party of Michigan may attend this event FREE OF CHARGE.    First time members MUST sign up by January 4, 2017 to meet the 30-day rule in our bylaws.    Even if you’ve been involved locally, you must be a member of the State or National Libertarian Party to participate in this convention.

Here is the detail:

The Special Convention will begin at 1 pm on February 4, 2017, at the Ramada Lansing Hotel and Conference Center. 7501 West Saginaw Hwy, Lansing.  The Ramada is on the corner of Canal Street, just blocks East of I-96 at Exit 93.    We expect the Convention portion to complete around 4 or 4:30 pm.

This is a critical event in the history of the LPM.

We hope you might consider staying for the 2017 LibertyFest, which will follow starting at 5:30 pm.    The Liberty Banquet is an annual celebration and awards ceremony for members and others who have exhibited extraordinary efforts for liberty in Michigan.    The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2016 and should be sent to jeffwood531@gmail.com.

As a special treat – the guest speaker for this year is Nicholas Sarwark, the National Chairman of the Libertarian Party USA.   Nick is a tremendous speaker who has helped state affiliates throughout the country achieve record success.    His insights and passion for liberty will no doubt fire you up to be part of our future.

If you should choose to stay overnight, we’ve negotiated a special room rate of $79, up to four occupancy and breakfast is included.    There are many amenities at the Ramada – but, the special room rate is only available until the end of the day on January 15th.

Various packages are available and can be found on the website.    Anyone renewing/extending or becoming a member for the first time can attend the LibertyFest for $45 for a total of $70 – and promises to be not only entertaining, but a delicious end to a big day for the LPM.    Lifetime members also received the discounted price.    Non-members and members not renewing are $50.     Visit www.MichiganLP.org/liberty-fest to register.

There is a lot more going on.    When registering, check out the website –if you haven’t been there in a while, we’ve made a lot of changes.    The Website Team anticipates a new look – with new functionality in just a few months.

Our newsletter team will be producing their first edition in the new format on January 1.   Look forward to that in your e-mail.

2017 is going to be the Year of Opportunity for the Libertarian Party to build and begin making a new mark in Michigan.   Look forward to more information down the road on how to get involved.    As always, you can communicate directly to me at Chair@MichiganLP.org.

For Liberty!    Bill Gelineau