September 1, 2022

Summer of Outreach Continues Into Fall

This is a fresh new opportunity for activists, who enjoyed Summer events, to continue outreach. Volunteers for the Allegan Fair will get a free pass to the fair which will save you the $8 admission fee.
August 31, 2022

Kerry Morgan: Not Just Another Supreme Court Candidate

Governor Whitmers restrictions “...trample down due process and the Article I rights of the people, and constitute unlawful preventative detention of persons who have done nothing to their neighbor except breathe. They resurrect the spirit of Monarchy, of Queen Anne and King George I and revive the slave codes of our former British and continental masters. They ignore human liberties, impair our freedoms and subject ten million people to the policeman’s club and jailhouse for nothing more than the attempted enjoyment of Constitutional rights and basic human freedom.”
July 31, 2022

2022 Defender of Liberty Awards Honor 2021 Activism

This award was given to Richard Wershe Jr., aka “White Boy Rick”, who received the award due to his activism after being released from prison.

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