Defend the Guard

Governor Whitmer is bragging about how Michigan’s National Guard is actively providing support to NATO on the Russian Latvian border. Meanwhile, several of our Michigan legislators have been seeking to restore a Constitutional role to their deployment. For their role in sponsoring the ACLU endorsed “Defend the Guard Act.” (HB-4336) the Libertarian Party of Michigan Legislative Committee would like to thank the following Representatives:

Steve Carra Jay DeBoyer James DeSana Rachelle Smit
Joseph Fox Brad Paquette Matthew Maddock Mike Hoadley
Robert Bezotte Dylan Wegela Neil Friske Angela Rigas

Rather than serve the ever-changing whims of an increasingly war-mongering executive branch, we owe our Guard the due diligence afforded by a Congressional declaration of war. Unfortunately, this bill has been vehemently opposed by many in Lansing. Most notably Jennifer Conlin, the Chair of the House Committee on Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security.

Despite the fact that multiple committee members have requested she put the matter to a vote (including a co-sponsor from her own party) and the overwhelming popularity for the bill across Michigan she has repeatedly refused to put this bill to a vote before her committee. When constituents call her office to implore action, she regularly ignores their concerns.

We sincerely hope Representative Conlin will reflect upon her Constitutional Oath, act on behalf of her constituency, and place this matter before the committee. However, she seems to be embracing the war machine’s agenda and has gotten comfortable with the blood on her hands. Fortunately, there are many on both sides of the aisle who feel differently and the LPM will continue working with all of them to ensure this critical legislation passes. To voice your support for this legislation sign up for the Defend the Guard phone bank today.

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