55 Counties Rebuke Lansing

From safe storage to red flags, Michigan’s legislature has been actively working to eliminate our right to self-defense. In response, 55 counties from around the state have passed resolutions to nullify these ill-conceived and unconstitutional laws. Over the past three months the Libertarian Party of Michigan has been working in conjunction with the March to Defend Lives in an ongoing effort to expand this list.

The tragedy that precipitated the latest gun grab from Lansing also transpired there. As is often the case in mass shootings, a Gun Free Zone (this time on MSU Campus) was temporarily transformed into a One Gunman Zone. We extend our sympathies to all the victims who were rendered defenseless by this demonstrably ineffective policy.

There were multiple laws in existence that should’ve prevented this unfortunate series of events. In fact, this particular incident was perpetrated by an individual with a gun felony on his record. However, as these laws will only be obeyed by the lawful, they did nothing to prevent this tragedy.

That’s not to say that these laws have zero impact, merely that they never have the intended impact. These new laws in particular will lead to a series of unfortunate outcomes. Domestic abusers will be able to legally seek to disarm their victims. With our ability to protect ourselves (especially in our own homes) significantly diminished we can expect to see more violent home invasions. Meanwhile, mental health across the state will suffer as less individuals will seek the therapy they need. 

While there are many other plausible negative outcomes to Lansing’s latest gun grab, the ones listed here cannot be disputed. People of good faith can have disagreements about the degree to which these things will happen, but it’s undeniable that they will. When it’s suggested that the people of Detroit should wait (sometimes over 45 minutes) for police to arrive because ‘its a gun free zone’ the apathy towards those residing in our impoverished communities becomes apparent.

Seemingly undeterred by the growing local response Governor Whitmer made the following remarks while giving her final approval to the red flag law “There’s still work to be done. We must continue taking commonsense action to reduce gun violence.” 

The notion that we should permit the state to disarm a citizen without affording them the full rights of due process, which certainly includes the establishment of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, is unconscionable. Like so many of Governor Whitmer’s failed policies her latest approach is inhumane and callous. Fortunately, the majority of the state already plans to ignore her. As she continues to demonstrate her unique understanding of “commonsense action” that list of counties will surely continue to grow. 

We owe our thanks to each and every county commissioner who voted to put their oath of office ahead of a blind allegiance to Lansing. There are far too many names to list, but the work these elected officials have done to preserve our natural rights has not gone unnoticed.

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