Defend The Guard Act

Defend The Guard Act

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By Aaron Gardner

House Bill 4058, commonly referred to as the “Defend the Guard Act,” was introduced by Rep. Steven Johnson to the Committee on Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security. The bill amends the “Michigan Military Act” by adding language demanding that, in order for the use of Michigan National Guard Service Members in armed conflict, or other hazardous service– an official declaration of war must be made by the United States Congress. Though the Libertarian Party of Michigan abhorrently opposes the use of military action on anything other than strict defense of the United States this bill, if passed, would prevent Michigan National Guard Service Members from serving in never ending wars. This would Keep them out of harms way, and it would protect Michigan citizens from fighting wars that are used to strengthen the military industrial complex.

Stuck in Committee

There’s just one problem! That bill may never see the light of day, on the House floor. The bill is currently stuck in committee and you can do something about it. The legislative committee is asking you to call and write the members of the Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security committee. Tell them you want this bill to go to the floor. Tell them this bill will support Michigan, and defend against the authoritarian use of our military service members from the President of the United States. The members of the committee and their contact information are:

Beau LaFave (R) Committee Chair, 108th District, 517-373-0156,
Andrew Beeler (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 83rd District, 517-373-0835,
Gary Eisen (R), 81st District, 517-373-1790,
Robert Bezotte (R), 47th District, 517-373-8835,
David Martin (R), 48th District, 517-373-7557,
Kevin Coleman (D), 16th District, 517-373-2576,
Julie Rogers (D), 60 District, 517-373-1785,
Richard Steenland (D), 22nd District, 517-373-0854,

Act Now to Defend the Guard Act!

Too many Michigan National Guard Members have died in the name of profit for our Nation’s leaders. Call them! Write them! Don’t let the President of the United States use our Guardsmen to support the industrial military complex without due process and declaration of war.

Find out more information about the Defend The Guard movement by visiting their website:

Read the full language of HB4058 by clicking here.

Link to the October 2021 Michigan Libertarian

Aaron Gardner
Aaron Gardner
Aaron is a 14 year Army veteran with multiple combat and "peace" time tours through out Iraq, UAE, and various countries in Africa & Europe. He has written two books. One titled "Snapshots of War", a novel about military life and trauma experience for Soldiers returning home. Aaron is an IT professional by trade and is actively involved in anything technical throughout his various memberships. He is the Vice-Chair of the Genesee County LP, and is actively involved in his community as a Libertarian speaking against various government programs.