Automated Speed Enforcement Systems

Automated Speed Enforcement Systems

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By Brian Ellison, 7th District Rep.

The Legislative Committee would like to inform you of a speed enforcement bill that has been introduced in the Michigan House. We believe it represents a clear threat to individual liberty.

The proposed bill would add a section to the Michigan vehicle code, that would allow various levels of government to establish “automated speed enforcement systems”. These systems would take photographs of alleged speeding cars, that would be used to issue citations against vehicle owners.

A Guilty Until Proven Innocent Scenario

Aside from the fact that this bill makes it easier for governments, at all levels, to further extort individuals, the biggest problem with it (there are many), is that it establishes a de facto guilty-until-proven-innocent scenario. A registered owner of a vehicle is presumed by law to be the driver without proof. Owners would be forced to provide sworn testimony in defense of themselves. This is likely a violation of the 5th Amendment, which guarantees that no one is compelled to testify against oneself. This law would allow courts to penalize individuals who exercise their right to remain silent, under the guise that a civil infraction is not considered a crime. We recognize that this is functionally a difference in semantics; a failure to comply with a court’s ruling on a civil infraction leads to criminal charges.

A Dangerous Precedent at Any Speed

This is complete bullshit and sets a dangerous precedent.

This is a call to action for our party members to contact everyone on this Committee to get the following bill REJECTED. Please call and email these committee members and tell them that not only should they vote down this bill, but they should also ceremoniously burn a printed copy on the steps of the capital, as a show of support for the rights of the constituents they were elected to represent.


“A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled “Michigan vehicle code”

The following are the committee members for: Committee on Judiciary

Graham Filler (R) Committee Chair, 93rd District, 517-373-1778,

Mike Mueller (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 51st District, 517-373-1780,

Steven Johnson (R), 72nd District, 517-373-0840,

Bronna Kahle (R), 57th District, 517-373-1706,

Daire Rendon (R), 103rd District, 517-373-3817,

Ryan Berman (R), 39th District, 517-373-1799,

Douglas Wozniak (R), 36th District, 517-373-0843,

TC Clements (R), 56th District, 517-373-2617,

David LaGrand (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 75th District, 517-373-2668,

Tenisha Yancey (D), 1st District, 517-373-0154,

Kyra Bolden (D), 35th District, 517-373-1788,

Kara Hope (D), 67th District, 517-373-0587,

Kelly Breen (D), 38th District, 517-373-0827,


This call to action was written by 7th District Rep and Legislative Committee member, Brian Ellison

Link to the November 2021 Michigan Libertarian

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