Membership Committee – LP of Michigan Mid-Year Report

Membership Committee – LP of Michigan Mid-Year Report

Membership growth evident by Libby Fest attendance. Photo by Scotty Boman

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Jeff Pittel, Membership Committee Chair

After an outstanding State Convention thanks to the Convention Committee and numerous others, I am pleased to report at the end of June 2021, our Membership has increased to 373 Members. This is a new peak.  It’s a 25% increase since the start of 2021 and a 99% increase since we began actively tracking via CiviCRM data in December 2019.

Everyone speaking, posting, engaging, recruiting, lobbying or communicating on behalf of our Party is responsible for this success. So I thank you for your efforts.

Membership Growth 2020 to 2021.

Membership Growth 2020 to 2021.

New Card

This has obviously enhanced our budget. Which enables us to host events like the State Convention, and we can distribute more Membership Cards. The Executive Committee approved them early in 2021.   The Cards were a new initiative and we have distributed 320 Annual Membership Cards and 97 Lifetime Member Cards since the start of this project in March!

I hope the Members appreciates their card as I’m very pleased with the card’s quality ; my sincere thanks to  Jay Gillotte and his company,  Extend Your Reach, in Lansing, Michigan, for refining the graphics and printing the Annual Membership Card blanks, and Sandia Card Solutions in Pompano Beach, FL  for the Lifetime Membership Cards.  Please contact us at the email below if you haven’t received your Card yet !

Membership card front.

Membership card back. Membership card.

I have high expectations that the LPMI will continue to grow as our National Membership stands at 717 which is a 29% increase from January 2020.    Membership Committee’s intent is to engage these folks and encourage them to join the LPM, as they’re missing half the action.   Paradoxically, the number of national Libertarian Party members in the State has declined recently, so I encourage State Party Members to join the National Party, if they haven’t already.   This is especially important as this determines our State Delegate allocation for the National Convention next year.   Please join the National Party at:

LNC adopts CiviCRM

Thanks to the National Libertarian Party’s adoption of the CiviCRM application, we now have access to contact information for 15,000+ individuals and the Michigan email mailing list through CiviCRM email application can reach 5400+ contacts via targeted communication.  Through CiviCRM these contacts can be informed of events, volunteer opportunities, etc.  specific to their geographic area or interest, and of course, recruit Candidates.

The Membership Committee has numerous responsibilities to support our Members and Leadership including:

  • Informing Affiliate Leaders of new contacts and Members in their area
  • Sending emails to new or renewing Members and Sign-ups (i.e., Contacts)
  • Sending out Membership Cards
  • Tabulating monthly Membership statistics for the LEC
  • Sending out communication to targeted groups per Affiliate / Candidate request
  • Tabulating event Participants (e.g., LPMI State Convention)

As the number of members grows, these efforts are more time consuming and require more people to assist in these duties.    With that in mind, LPMI Membership Committee is encouraging Members to join the Committee and become active and adept CiviCRM Users to assist in the above tasks.    If you wish to join the Membership Committee,  please send an email to:

Recruitment through affiliates

We are also encourage our Affiliate Leaders to become active CiviCRM Users to communicate with and develop their local Membership.    LP National has requested and needs active Users at the Affiliate level.   Affiliate Leaders can request CiviCRM User access via the following link:

CiviCRM has numerous capabilities and data to grow the Libertarian Party of Michigan and engage our Members. This includes:

  • Contact filtering and targeted communication
  • Event planning & tracking
  • Phone bank logging
  • Candidate Information
  • Media Contacts

CiviCRM is the foundational tool to grow the Party and I appreciate the Leaders and Members willingness to learn and use this system !      SO STEP UP AND HELP US GROW THIS PARTY !!

Thank you

In closing I would like to thank my fellow Membership Committee members Larry Johnson, Norm Peterson, Greg Stempfle, Lisa Lane Gioia, and Jerry Bloom, for their efforts on behalf of this Committee.


Link to the July 2021 Michigan Libertarian