Wayne County Libertarians Making Waves

Wayne County Libertarians Making Waves

Wayne County Commission candidate Jami Van Alstine at the Spike Cohen campaign event in Flint.

Wayne County Commission candidate Jami Van Alstine at the Spike Cohen campaign event in Flint.

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Wayne County, MI – Wayne County Libertarians will be standing out in the 2020 General election.  In fact, they will be one of two parties running in two-way races and will have a high-visibility event on Belle Isle (To which all Michigan Libertarians are invited).

Libertarians Outnumber Republicans in WC Commission Election

Dearborn, MI – At their August 12th meeting the Libertarian Party of Wayne County confirmed that it will have more Wayne County Commissioner candidates on the 2020 General Election ballot than the Republican Party.

No balloted Republican are running for the 4th, 11th, 12th or 14th County Commissioner District seats. The lack of additional candidates running will make each of these districts two-person contests.  Furthermore, in the general election, Wayne County voters in these districts will see both parties on the ballot: Libertarians and Democrats.

In light of the fact that the major parties are repelling members, by obsessing on partisan success at the expense of working families, libertarians are proud to announce that voters in these districts have a choice. So they have the chance to vote for change.

District 4 candidate Loel Gnadt observed,

Unintended consequences, of government intervention, are causing hardship for the people of Wayne County. The Libertarian Party is gaining members due to their common sense policy positions that streamline government and cause less hassles for the individual.  We already have been reining in unnecessary regulations and taxes. Over 200 Libertarians, holding local and statewide offices across the nation, are leading the charge for change!

The Wayne County Commission Candidates

County Commissioner – District 4 – Loel Gnadt

County Commissioner – District 11 – Jami VanAlstine, Romulus, MI www.jamivanalstine.com

County Commissioner – District 12 –  Andrew Chadderdon

County Commissioner – District 14 – Wesley Crouse

Only Libertarian Ziemba challenges Wayne County Prosecutor Kym #NotWorthy

Another bi-partisan contest in Wayne County is the election between Libertarian Daniel Ziemba and incumbent Democrat Kym Worthy.

At a time when many activists are protesting against police brutality and civil libertarians are demanding an end to mass incarceration, the incumbent, Kym Worthy, faced visceral criticism ahead of the Democratic Primary. The hashtag #NotWorthy still leads to multiple postings and videos calling her out on her record. In fact her primary opponent, Victoria Burton-Harris defeated her in the election day vote.  However, a record number of people voted absentee, so the incumbent’s name recognition outshone a strong (but too little too late) campaign by her challenger.

So in the General election, anyone who doesn’t vote straight ticket will see that Worthy still has a challenger. Also, if they look into him they will learn that his a platform is much closer to that of Burton-Harris than the incumbent.  Ziemba may also capture the non-Democratic vote, so look forward to interesting results.

Wayne County LP Outreach Picnic September 12th

Detroit, MI – On Saturday, September 12th, at Belle Isle state park, the Libertarian Party of Wayne County (LPWC) will host a picnic. and outreach event. It will start at 10:00 AM and end at 6:00 PM.

The affiliate invites Libertarian Candidates, Libertarian-curious and their family and friends to Belle Isle (Shelter 2 located on Muse at Loiter Way) for food, fellowship, campaigning, and outreach.

To get there just use the bridge at E. Jefferson and Mt. Elliot in Detroit, then turn right once you get on the Island. After this do a short left and right.  Shelter 2 is across Muse Rd. from the Casino.  See the diamond with the #2 on this map.

Turn Right at Muse Rd.

Turn Right at Muse Rd.

The LPWC will provide Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Sausages and condiments. They ask those attending to consider bringing a dish to pass.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP and post to dish you wish to pass at the LPWC Facebook event discussion post. you can also directly open this Google form.

We will have some games, but feel free to bring some of your own.
There are picnic tables inside and outside of the pavilion. But you can bring comfortable seats  if so inclined.  Come prepared to do some outreach and hand out flyers in the earlier part of the day.

This is Shelter 2

This is Shelter 2

The pavilion has electricity and restroom facilities attached to it.

Link to the September 2020 Michigan Libertarian