Mentorship & Outreach: Two Areas Of Necessary Growth For Our Party

Mentorship & Outreach: Two Areas Of Necessary Growth For Our Party

Link to the October 2021 Michigan Libertarian

By Tim Yow, Chair

The current state of affairs

It is alarming to see how passive people have become as our freedoms deteriorate before our eyes. It makes it feel like those of us speaking up for liberty in America are fighting a losing battle when many of our countrymen and women show no sign of joining, aligning with or even appreciating the effort.

On the other hand, I continue to hold to the belief that the vast majority still feel that unsettling feeling in their gut that, much like Australia, we are losing to tyranny on a daily basis. As Gary Johnson once said, most people are libertarian but just don’t know it yet. I have to continue to hope that as tyrants rise up, those people will discover their “libertarian within” and join in the effort to speak up for unbridled liberty.

If we desire to awaken these individuals to the potential of achieving liberty in their lifetimes, we must solidify our outreach and mentorship efforts. Outreach to help one realize there is a better way or awaken the “knowing” that is already there. Mentorship to offer guidance on the path to that better way.

My call to action: Mentorship & Outreach

This is why I have a strong desire to build up our organization’s communication effort, particularly the social media messaging (outreach) and the membership “points of contact” effort (mentorship).

If messaging or data management / administration are areas of strength for you or you have a willingness to learn, I would like to encourage you to volunteer for our social media team or our membership committee. These are areas where I feel we need a robust volunteer army if we want to have a significant impact at the local, state and federal level.

How to get involved

If you are ready to step up, I invite you to call 888 FREENOW (888-373-3669) and I will personally put you in contact with the individuals who are overseeing these efforts. You might have to leave a voicemail message but I will follow up.

The time is now for us to rally together and speak up for liberty in America!

Link to the October 2021 Michigan Libertarian