Two Campaigns for Michigan Libertarians to Back in 2021

Two Campaigns for Michigan Libertarians to Back in 2021

Scotty Boman speaking to protesters in Detroit. Photo by Willie Burton.

Link to the September 2021 Michigan Libertarian

Michigan – In even years there are dozens (sometimes over 100) Libertarians on the ballot in Michigan. In 2021 the entire Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) can focus on only two campaigns, giving candidates a much better chance of winning. Time is running out though. In mid-September many voters will be getting their absentee ballots. In 2020 many candidates won the “Election Day” vote, but lost the election, because their opponents won the absentee vote.

These two campaigns are Alexander Avery who is running for State Senate in Michigan’s 28th State Representative District, and Scotty Boman running, in a non-partisan election, for Police Commissioner in Detroit’s 4th District.

One of the Two Campaigns are in West Michigan

Alex Avery

Alex Avery

Alex Avery is Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of West Michigan. He is a resident of the City of Wyoming and is from Grand Rapids. However, he also spent time living in New Hampshire and Indiana. He is running in a special election to the Michigan State Senate to represent District 28. Avery is on the ballot in the special general election on November 2, 2021.

In 2012 Avery was a Libertarian candidate for District 81 of the Indiana House of Representatives. He was also a candidate for Ward 11 representative on the Manchester School District school board in New Hampshire in 2017. Then, in 2018, he ran for election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Avery is currently opposed by Keith Courtade (D), Mark Huizenga (R), and Theodore Gerrard (U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan). Libertarians wishing to get involved can check with the West Michigan affiliate.

Another Candidate is in Detroit

Scotty Boman has held a few different offices in the Libertarian Party of Michigan and the Wayne County Affiliate, including Chairmanship of each. He is a resident of Detroit, a city where he was born and has spent most of his life. He was elected to the Detroit District 4 Community Advisory Council in 2020.

Boman is running for Police Commissioner in Detroit’s 4th District. His opponent is long-time incumbent Willie Bell. In 2017 he ran against the same opponent for the same office and earned nearly 40% of the vote. According to Boman, his chances of winning are much better now.

“Since 2017 I have knocked on every door in this District and have knocked on half of them this year. I successfully petitioned to create a Community Advisory Council, got elected to the Community Advisory Council, and have made over a hundred appearances in local print and broadcast media. So my chances are better, but its probably going to be close. If Libertarian Party members put as much energy into this winnable campaign as they have put into even-year elections, I will win.”

What are Police Commissioners?

Detroit’s Board of Police Commissioners is supposed to provide civilian oversight to the Detroit Police Department. It was created to be a safe place where victims of mistreatment by police could go to have their complaints investigated (without needing to police to complain about their colleagues). However the incumbent is a retired DPD officer who has rubber-stamped every establishment proposal including costly mass surveillance contracts. He often mutes other commissioners during meetings and four incumbent commissioners have endorsed Boman.

Boman is seeking volunteers to canvass on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from Noon to dusk. He also seeks canvassers on Thursday evenings. People wishing to volunteer may contact him by voice at (313) 247-2052, text (313) 338-9769, email or by using the contact form at

He has received considerable support from LPM members already, but believes he needs at least another $1,800 to win. His contribution page is:

Link to the September 2021 Michigan Libertarian