The New “Eye On Lansing” Page is Here

The New “Eye On Lansing” Page is Here

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Before delegates elected me to office as the new state Chair (this past June), I shared my vision of ensuring the party was making an impact in a few key areas. While we continue to strive to get elected, to office, at every level, more consistently.

One of those areas was a much expanded scope for the Legislative Committee. This would include a page on the website they would use to keep our party membership informed regarding bills that impact the cause of liberty (both positive and negative).

Traditionally, the legislative committee was a team of around 2 to 5 people. Usually they were within close proximity to Lansing, and had the sole purpose of visiting the State House to testify, regarding pending bills. The idea of this new and improved effort is to enable the members to become an extension of the committee. This way they would make sure Lansing (and DC) heard our voices to a greater degree. The new page is intended to help facilitate that effort and give the state members 24/7 access to the findings of the committee.

It’s Happening!

I am excited to announce that this part of the vision has come to fruition, and we now have a web-page called “Eye on Lansing.” It appears to be the first of its kind for state Libertarian Party affiliates.

This page links to various articles. The committee has written about vitally important legislation happening in Lansing and DC. The page informs our membership of coming meetings, for the committee, and offers a search feature where you can input your address and get a rather thorough list of officers that have you in their jurisdiction. It ranges from the President all the way down to county office holders. Also it lists various channels for contacting any of these officers.

One can find this page under “Get Involved,” within the navigation menu. Be sure and bookmark it and check it often.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I want to thank the committee and, both our current and previous, webmasters for their hard work, in making this happen. Our members should find this new online resource extremely helpful. I hope they will use it to assure we regularly do more to startle Lansing, with our voices!

Just The New Beginning

I know that the committee is still working hard to build on this and other ways of helping each Libertarian Party of Michigan member “keep their finger on the pulse” of what our officeholders are doing. If you think you would like to contribute to this effort, feel free to call me at 888.FREE.NOW (888-373-3669) and I will be happy to put you in contact with the committee chair.

Link to the January 2022 Michigan Libertarian