Legislative Committee: Re-imagining Ways to Capitolize on LPM Activism

Legislative Committee: Re-imagining Ways to Capitolize on LPM Activism

The Legislative Committee will visit the Michigan Capitol Lansing.

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By Tim Yow, Chair

Call to Members, Reestablishing the Legislative Committee

 A major part of my plan for the party during my current 2 year term, as chairman, is a fiercely re-imagined legislative committee. This committee has traditionally been a few members who showed a willingness to visit the state house in Lansing. They would speak, on behalf of the Michigan party, regarding bills legislators were introducing.

To take on the extra responsibility, I hope to significantly increase the scope of this committee. Therefore I will also significantly increase the size of the committee. I feel that the committee can also serve as an information arm to the membership so each of you are informed about upcoming, important legislation.

While we are struggling to consistently get elected to office, we should be doing more to make our collective voice heard by the current office holders. We need to get out ahead of legislative actions that have typically slipped past us. The new and improved committee will change all of that.

For more on the plan, please take a moment to watch this video I made explaining it in more detail.

 Steps to Getting Involved in This Effort 

 As I mentioned, the committee has generally been 2 to 5 people for as long as I recall. I believe we need that to be a minimum of 10 people and that could be expanded considerably as the committee itself begins to strategize and possibly build on my plan.

The executive board will be selecting members for this committee and someone to chair the committee at our next monthly meeting, happening on Monday, August 9th. We need highly motivated individuals who understand the importance of this expansion and who are ready to roll up their sleeves and put in the work.

If you are interested in joining this effort, you can submit your intent in writing, attend the Zoom meeting on the 9th, or do both. Whether in written form or live, please include a brief explanation of why you believe you would be an asset to the committee.

Link to the August 2021 Michigan Libertarian