Michigan Technological University Student Challenges Policy

Michigan Technological University Student Challenges Policy

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By Joshua Jongema, UPLP Secretary

Fellow Humans,

It is with sincere regret that I inform you I will no longer be an Michigan Technical University (MTU) student unless the move to mask students and coerce them into taking an experimental drug is reversed. It is terrifying that a once-great institution representing the scientific method, has decided to boldly denounce that science. Instead, they rely on “Mechanistic Reasoning” and “Mechanistic Studies” which inform the “guidance” of federal “experts”, who fail to present strong evidence, for their claims regarding human safety.

Michigan Tech should respect human rights

To be clear, I understand there is a very weak, yet logically scary, pandemic occurring, but I do hold true to the belief that all human beings have sovereign authority over their bodily integrity. Also my research confirms there is strong evidence to deny the claim of vaccine safety and mask efficacy.

Citizens also have inalienable rights which include Free Assembly, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Therefore I cannot comply in good conscience with the move to what is called, “MTU Flex Level Two” next semester.  This move may, in fact, spread the virus more than if MTU offered remote learning.

My Science Background

To clarify, I have been trained in the fundamentals of science. I have spent over six years studying several scientific fields at as many institutions of higher learning. Those fields include Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Botany, Environmental Philosophy and Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Material Science, and Science History.

I’ve spent three years studying Nanotechnology, which itself is multi-disciplinary and includes Metrology. I did two internships at the Washington Nano-fabrication Facility at the University of Washington. While there I performed materials research in the Semiconductor Industry. This included wet bench chemistry and gas-phase etching with xenon difluoride and hydrogen fluoride gas.

I have over two-hundred hours of science lab, and over one-hundred hours of Class 5 Clean-room experience. I have over forty hours of HAZMAT training, and was an Environmental Officer for my unit in the military, ensuring we complied with all laws and OSHA regulations. Especially with regard to the environment and the handling of chemicals.

I have become an excellent researcher, and know the first step to doing science is to review all of the current, existing literature on a subject of study. That is how I’m quite certain that virus particles cannot be treated like chemicals, as if the concentration in the air matters. This is how I am rather certain, that the Mechanistic Studies accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in reversing their once sound guidance on masks, is baseless, dangerous and unethical. The CDC, itself, reveals that “Nothing is 100% safe and effective.” They also concede that medical masks do “not block aerosol ejecting events.”

Anyone who did not review all scientific literature on a subject, would not be capable of speaking properly on that scientific matter. Neither MTU, the federal health authorities, state health authorities, or political leaders have spoken to that science competently or effectively. They have also spread more disinformation than any other entities, on matters that have been costly to human life, property and freedom. One example is the case of the nursing home deaths that the new Attorney General decided to not investigate. I also contend that while distance may have saved lives at the onset of the pandemic, it is unwarranted after the outbreak occurred.

Michigan Policy Fail

Furthermore, sending the fearful masses into stores with masks on, with the promise this would help, has evidently had the opposite effect. My research shows this cannot be the result of people who do not mask. These careless actions by the state have benefited big business and the state through taxation, and have closed and destroyed the businesses and lives of the middle and lower classes.

Michigan predicted a deficit for the year of 2020, but instead, pulled in about 3.6 billion more dollars than predicted. The rich have gotten much richer, while small businesses and individuals have gone bankrupt. Lower classes have been shackled to socialist handouts that, have historically, led to breadlines and starvation.

Michigan has about $1.4 billion more to work with than anticipated just a few months ago, in August. And the August estimates — which have now proved too pessimistic — represented a $2.3 billion upward revision from what officials had estimated in May. – Detroit Free Press

My Personal Research

Having been trained now, as a Scientific and Technical Communicator, and with the wealth of study I have done so far, I may be a person that is qualified to comment on such matters at an undergraduate level. To clarify, I do not consider myself superior to doctors, but for decades I have observed contention in the scientific and medical community in the debates over mask efficacy, vaccine safety and vaccine efficacy. That has not changed in recent years, and my personal research, for hundreds of hours, shows this to be strongly evident. We now live in an era where the establishment swears they are “100% certain” the Earth is the center of the universe, and I, for one, will die on the hill to say it is not evidently so.

I am living proof that vaccines are not safe, and that to force vaccines is unethical and immoral.

Recently, many leaders, in the news, have sworn that about 99% of people hospitalized were unvaccinated, but the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Director recently admitted this was cherry picked data (from certain states). The data was from January to June of 2020, and that current numbers are unknown. Regardless, she repeated the baseless claim as fact. Source: https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62442

With health officials and politicians being caught in lie after lie (time and time again), it is unacceptable to continue to hand them the keys to the lives of common citizens, so casually and with disregard for the negative effect on human life.

I understand MTU does not enforce vaccination, but eventually this could change very easily, as student’s cases in the Supreme Court involving Indiana University have been denied thus far. As a lawyer in one recent case declared, “An admitted IU student’s right to attend IU cannot be conditioned on the student waiving their rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and to consent to medical treatment like IU has done here.”

As a soldier of the US Army, I am sworn to serve the US citizenry and protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. This is why I have begun work as Secretary for the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party (UPLP.org), and will endorse Libertarian Sheriffs and candidates for office in the Upper Peninsula. I will do this until the people of the Upper Peninsula have liberty. Mainly I worry for the original inhabitants of this land, who should not be told how to manage their bodies, or their lands, or the way they raise their children. The lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness of all citizens of the USA (and the world), have been assaulted heavily, and rapidly, by their respective state and federal governments. These governments are working at the behest of foreign and special interest groups, which have created a new Caste System, with a new untouchable underclass to abuse. All the while those governments’ only real job is to protect their lives and liberties by laws, state Constitutions and the federal government.

What is happening, from the top down, by government force and coercion, as well as from the bottom up by big corporations (bent on destroying small businesses and individuals forever), is illegal, immoral, against the Nuremberg Code, and has direct ties to the past Nazi and current Chinese Communist parties. These actions by governments, and corporations together, cannot be allowed to continue. They appear poised to go much farther in their assault on human life and liberty. If you take the time to study, as I have, the truth will set you free.

To sum it up, please review the scientific literature, that I’ve reviewed, for yourself (if you are interested). If not, please have a wonderful day.

Science to Review:

Joshua Jongema
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