Liberty in Your Community

Liberty in Your Community

By Trevor Step, Political Director

Liberty in your community is our goal. Libertarians recognize that the fight against an overreaching bloated government has only intensified recently. The battlefront is in our communities; The same communities ravaged by the COVID regime and rife with overbearing, unconstitutional laws. We have a plan, and we need your help.

It is time to take back our towns and counties, and to ward off encroaching state and federal governments. It is time to nullify federal power and build freer communities. The Libertarian Party of Michigan is taking proactive steps to recruit candidates. We’re not just looking for names on the ballot. We are looking for candidates that want to run to win and be a positive, powerful voice for liberty in their community.

We can assist you and provide materials for your campaign. It’s not too early to start thinking about a 2024 office. We would love to help you get your campaign off the ground.

By running for office, you give liberty a voice and voters a choice. Send a message to for more information.

Yours In Liberty,

Trevor Step
LPMI Political Director

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Editor’s Note: We originally posted “Liberty in Your Community” in the June 2023 issue of the Michigan Libertarian. We re-posted it here to improve visibility, and to encourage potential candidates to plan ahead for the 2024 election cycle. Articles are frequently posted as headlines before appearing in our Michigan Libertarian Newsletter.

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