Bill Gelineau Wins Historic Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary

Bill Gelineau Wins Historic Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary

Libertarian primary results as reported by the Secretary of State.

Libertarian primary results as reported by the Secretary of State.

Lansing, MI – Bill Gelineau is the winner of Michigan’s historic Libertarian primary election.  Bill Gelineau won with 58.02% (3,952 votes) over John Tatar who earned 41.98% (2,860 votes).  The results conclude a gubernatorial primary season of vigorous campaigning in which the Libertarians received unprecedented, though not quite equal, media coverage.

In proclaiming victory, Gelineau said,

I’m really honored to have a chance to carry the banner of liberty on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Michigan.    Mr. Tatar and I conducted a series of civil and thoughtful debates about policies that affect Michigan.   Together, we were able to begin breaking down barriers in the media, provide practical and principled perspectives, and give voters yearning for a freedom-oriented message of hope.

He also looked ahead to the General Election:

As we look to the fall campaign, we need to work to organize all of our members, activists, and new supporters for the common goal of ending the unproductive political system controlled by the old parties.   Our race provided a refreshing change from the negative nonsense voters usually hear.     Let us work as hard as we can, together, to make this historic election meaningful in bringing more freedom to the State of Michigan.

In conceding to Gelineau, Tatar called for unity:

I feel it is very important to unite the Libertarian Party for the up-coming election to be able to keep our status and keep the Libertarians as a viable force in this corrupt election process. Our voice must be strong and must be heard.

Libertarian Party of Michigan Chair Bill Hall called upon the party faithful to be gracious:

We learned a lot in our first Libertarian Party primary election ever.  How much added media attention a primary election garners for our candidates.  How important it was for us to have two dedicated and principled candidates for Governor, who gave the media a reason to cover our first-ever primary.  We owe tremendous thanks to John Tatar and Bill Gelineau for their hard work and successful efforts to publicize our party and its principles.  Please take the time to call, write or email them and thank them for all they have done for our party.


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