Libertarian Candidates For Governor Get Major Party Treatment

Libertarian Candidates For Governor Get Major Party Treatment

Wood Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary Debate

Wood Libertarian Gubernatorial Primary Debate. From left to right: John Tatar, Rick Albin, Bill Gelineau

By Scotty Boman, Editor

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Major Party Treatment From Broadcasters

For the first time in the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s history our gubernatorial candidates are getting media coverage that approaches that given to the Republicans and Democrats.  Bill Gelineau and John Tatar appeared on veteran political reporter Tim Skubick’s Off the Record show statewide on PBS, which had been notorious for its exclusion of any candidates outside the Republican and Democratic parties.  They have also been featured in televised debates on both sides of the lower peninsula. There was a debate in the northern lower peninsula on May 20th, but it wasn’t televised.

On July 15th  The first televised Libertarian Gubernatorial Debate was broadcast on WOOD-TV.  WOOD is one of West Michigan’s most popular TV news stations. A Libertarian candidate for Governor has never before been included in such a debate on a major commercial television station.  The debate was moderated by noted news anchor and political reporter Rick Albin.

After bumping elbows with Tim Skubick at the Michigan Small Business Association meeting (where Gelineau was introduced to, but denied a chance to address the crowd), Bill Gelineau was invited to appear on Off the Record. The show aired on July 13th.   Later John Tatar * was also granted an opportunity to appear on the show.  He was in the episode that aired on July 20th.

In southeast Michigan the duo went head to head on the Fox 2 show, Let it Rip, which was moderated by Charlie Langton.  The show aired at 9:30 am on Sunday, July 22nd.  They also had individual appearances with Chuck Stokes on the WXYZ TV Show, Spotlight On The News. WXYZ also featured John Tatar in a “one-on-one” interview. This leaves WDIV News 4 as the only holdout of Metro-Detroit’s big three TV News stations.

Some additional media appearances have been:

Other Developments

John Tatar received an endorsement from the Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC .

Bill Gelineau has had radio commercials produced and aired.

* As of the writing of this article the link to this video stopped working, but WKAR staff indicate they are working to resolve the problem.

Link to the August Michigan Libertarian

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