Delegates Convene in Pinconning. Photo by Scotty Boman

Delegates Approve Amendments to make the LPMI Platform Even More Based

At the July 15th Regular Convention in Pinconning, the delegates present had little more than 40 minutes to consider changes to the Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPMI) platform. The platform, of course, is the codified statement of beliefs of the LPMI, voted upon by the delegates at conventions past and present. 

Platform Committee Chair, Connor Nepomuceno, presented a report with 12 proposals, all of which passed with overwhelming majorities that safely cleared the 2/3 super majority voting requirements. Most of these proposals were for brand new platform planks which are listed as follows:


American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations. We would end the current U.S. government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid. We recognize the right of all people to resist tyranny and defend themselves and their rights. We condemn the use of force, and especially the use of terrorism, against the innocent, regardless of whether such acts are committed by governments or by political or revolutionary groups.”

This language mimics the National Libertarian Party’s platform plank on foreign policy, with the key and super based addition of naming NATO and the UN as foreign entanglements, a stance widely held by American Libertarians. 


2. The most critical and universally applicable factor in all economies are the currencies that are used in it. A healthy and stable economy which benefits all people, be they consumers or producers, cannot exist without the widespread adoption and use of sound currencies. State currency institutions, such as the Federal Reserve system, by their nature debauch and corrupt currency to the advantage of the State and connected Elites at the expense of the earnings, savings, and spending power of the masses, and should therefore be abolished. Currencies should be adopted without coercion and regulated by the free market. We also call for the abolition of legal tender laws which coerce people to use a particular currency over others.”

This amendment also strikes old platform plank VII-5. The Libertarian stance to END THE FED is now loud and clear in our platform. Furthermore, this language explains “Why” the Federal Reserve should be destroyed and the value of sound money. Based as hell.


3. Lowering the cost and improving access to healthcare services and products is critical to saving lives and improving the quality of life for all. It is the government, and its numerous regulations on the healthcare industry, which keep costs high and restrict access. In addition to the abolition of state licensing of medical professionals, we support the repeal of Certificate of Need requirements, the abolition of tariffs on imported medical goods, and the full implementation of a free market in healthcare.

4. In no circumstance shall any government entity mandate a medical procedure, especially vaccinations, as a condition to work, travel, utilize a public service (such as schools), or exercise any right or freedom. Government officials, including school officials, should be liable for damages from the effects of any mandated medical procedure or vaccine. In no circumstance should a public institution (especially schools) aid in securing or providing any medical procedure to a child against the will or without the explicit consent of their parents or caretakers.’

While popular left wing sophists like Nina Turner and Robert Reich continue to push big government socialist (I repeat myself) policies, the LPMI continues our push to strike at the root cause of exploding medical costs: the government itself. We further strike at the vanguard of COVID medical tyranny and institutional child groomers gaining traction throughout the country. 


3. Provisions in the Michigan state Constitution for state of emergency powers should either be abolished entirely or heavily curtailed. Emergency powers incentivize the Governor to grab tremendous powers and implement draconian measures. These powers have a proven track record of being abused without sufficient regard for the secondary consequences of such actions. No governor should ever be trusted with such authority again.”

During the Covid-era of Gretchen Whitmer’s tyranny, the LPMI was among the most vocal opponents to her power, despite having our old stance on emergency powers being deleted in 2019. It is now back with a vengeance. 


15. The right to work shall not be infringed. We oppose mandatory union membership in all circumstances, as it is a gross violation of the right of association. We further oppose making membership dues tax deductible, which subsidizes union coffers and gives even more incentives for institutional graft. Lastly, all public sector unions should be abolished, as they raise costs to the taxpayers and protect some of the worst public offenders from accountability.”

The LPMI now, in no uncertain terms, challenges the Democrat state government in the pocket of the anti-taxpayer and anti-economy unions. Not only do we push back on the new status quo, but we push further to hold government employees, namely police, accountable.


5. If there is a climate crisis, no government can be trusted with solving it; Only in a free market can fair and equitable solutions be found. Any impediments to the production of energy, food, or transportation would have dramatic consequences (to say the least) on the cost of living and quality of life of Michiganders. The Green New Deal in particular would also introduce draconian energy regulations which would dramatically expand state control over private businesses and households. State programs should not consider Environmental, Social, or Governance (ESG) scores in its policies, and financial partnerships with the entities sponsoring ESG Scores should be opposed and disinvested from.

6. We believe the wide scale implementation of privatized nuclear energy is the best solution to avert a would-be climate crisis and provide for a future of energy abundance and prosperity for all peoples. Thus, we call upon the state legislature to nullify the powers of the Federal government’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission and allow for the free market implementation, research, and development of innovations which would allow for cheaper, safer, and more sustainable nuclear energy production. Nuclear power can be cheaper and more reliable than “renewable” energy sources without taking up nearly as much land or mineral resources. We support private nuclear energy at all scales and in all applications for which consumers demand it.”

While many Libertarians are skeptical of the climate crisis narrative, it is undeniable that there is growing voter demand to solve the problem. Our prescription of freedom is now clear. We will not stand for any climate alarmist schemes.


We endorse the right to political secession. Exercise of this right, like the exercise of all other rights, does not remove legal and moral obligations not to violate the rights of others. What government structures exist should be the smallest, most localized polities possible to better aid true consent of the governed and minimize the impact of heterogeneity on the power dynamics between cultures and communities.”

The breakdown of political discourse and encroaching tyranny in both Red States and Blue States (Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer being one of the worst offenders, of course) illustrates that there is no saving this country as a whole. Keeping political discourse peaceful in perpetuity requires National Divorce. 

There were also some minor amendments made to Article I -1, -8, and -12. You can read the platform updated in its entirety here.

My journey to becoming a Libertarian and joining the Party was in no small part started by reading our Platform. It is my hope that it continues to inspire awe and belief in our ideals. We are the remnant who wishes to see that world set free in our lifetime; we must not be afraid to speak those ideals for all to hear them and join our cause. I am honored and humbled by the delegates who joined me in that vision by endorsing the Platform Committee Report in its entirety.

Are you inspired by our ideals? Join the party today, and consider running for office under our banner to get these ideals enacted in your community. 

With Liberty,

Connor Nepomuceno

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