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Bill Gelineau Announces His Preference For Running Mate

The content of this article is copied from from a News Release and posting by the Bill Gelineau Campaign.

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Grand Rapids, MI – Bill Gelineau, winner of the August 7th primary for the Libertarian Party for the office of Governor, has announced his choice for Lieutenant Governor to be considered at the State Convention of the Party in Romulus this Saturday, August 25th.

Auburn Hills Attorney and Businesswoman Angelique Chaiser Thomas joins
the historic effort of the Libertarian Party. The libertarian party of Michigan
attained legal Major Party status in the state of Michigan for the first time in
state history. Ms. Thomas, 41, has the support of her husband Michael and
two children in her first effort for elective office.

“Angelique brings a strong desire for justice together with a keen
understanding of the principles of freedom”, said Gelineau. “Clearly, our
effort to reach new audiences and build our campaign could not have done

He noted the delegates at the Convention make the final decision.  Ms.
Thomas’ short biography is available at:

“I look forward to the challenge of being part a of the tremendous team Bill
has assembled to take on the old parties and bring common sense values
and new approaches to Michigan public policies”, said Ms. Thomas. “This
year is when the bell of liberty will ring for all in Michigan.”


Wife, Mother, Attorney and Michigan Business Owner

After practicing law for several years, Angelique co-founded Manufacturing and Design Electronics (“MADE”) in 2010. Located in Auburn Hills, and formerly named CI Lighting, Made designs and manufactures specialized printed circuit boards. Angelique is responsible for strategic growth initiatives. More specifically, she focuses on asset management, acquisition of talent, and contract formation and negotiation.

Prior to founding MADE, Angelique practiced criminal defense and family law.   During years of practice with indigent and others in need, she developed a passion for ensuring access to the legal system.   Her inside view of the way the law is used to control people with fines and costs that make the criminal justice system biased against the poor and others outside the power structure.

The daughter of an immigrant mother and a father who served in the U.S. Air Force, Angelique views American citizenship as a privilege that can be leveraged by innovative individuals to harness the growing opportunities of the global marketplace.   A strong advocate of free enterprise and the dream of all Americans to be free to participate without excessive government mandates.   Understanding and observing the process by which her mom became a citizen gives special drive in Angelique for so many hoping to live the American Dream.

Angelique holds a BS in Political Science and Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit Mercy, an MBA from Northwestern University, and a Certificate in Strategic Change Management from Eli Broad School of Management at Michigan State University. She resides in Lake Orion with her husband Michael and their two daughters.

NOTE: Nominee Bill Gelineau was offering to the delegates of the Convention of the Libertarian Party the person he felt was the best nominee for Lt. Governor of the great State of Michigan. It was recognized that the delegates alone made that decision at the State Convention in Romulus on August 25.

Link to the September Michigan Libertarian

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