Scotty Boman Petitions For Recount In Detroit. Alleges “Irregular” Ballots

Scotty Boman Petitions For Recount In Detroit. Alleges “Irregular” Ballots

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Detroit, MI – Civilian-oversight activist (and Board of Education Candidate) Scotty Boman filed a petition requesting the recount of six precincts in a challenge to City of Detroit Proposal R which calls for the Revision of the city’s Charter.  According to a letter filed as part of the petition, “… there are witnesses who voted (on August 7th 2018) in the 2018 Primary Election from five of these precincts who received ballots which did not have the Detroit Charter Revision question, Proposal R, printed on them.”

Boman will be looking for more than just an incidental counting error. He states, “Furthermore, an elector voting in person (on August 7th 2018) at Detroit Precinct 25 inquired as to why the proposal was missing from her ballot. The election worker misinformed her that there were no proposals on the Primary Election ballot and that it would be on the General Election ballot.”

According to the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, the measure passed by 184 votes.  Boman commented on the narrow margin saying, “Close elections like this remind me that every vote matters… that choosing to stay home or vote can have a profound impact on one’s community.”

The Campaign To Stop The Revision

Prior to the election, Boman had been leading an effort to prevent revision of the city’s charter, primarily because he was concerned that the right of residents to elect police commissioners would be rescinded.   He made multiple radio and TV appearances as the founder of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (D.R.AC.O.).  In the most recent appearances he has stated that civilian oversight of the Detroit Police Department would be in jeopardy if the charter revision passed.   Appearances included The Robert Ficano Show and the Bankole Thompson show on 910 AM Superstation, as well as a recent appearance on the WHPR show, Feedback.

Petition Approved

On Friday August 31st the Wayne County Board of Canvassers approved the petitions of Boman, Greg Newsome (of the Detroit People’s Platform), and  Lucinda Darrah to Recount a total of 65 Precincts where Proposal R has been challenged.

Detroit People’s Platform had also opposed the proposal before the election, and several community activists along with the Detroit People’s Task Force assisted Boman on the recount petition effort.  “I could not have done this alone, but this is just the beginning” Said Boman.  The counting begins on Thursday (September 6th ) at Cobo Hall.

Link to the September Michigan Libertarian

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