Reflections on 2018

Reflections on 2018

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!

By Scotty Boman, Editorial

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Another year has passed, but in many ways 2018 was different for the Libertarian Party of Michigan. Love it or hate it, this was the year that we played the game by the same rules as Democrats and Republicans (except for the hefty subsidizes that only the top two parties got). The high vote total earned by Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in 2016 invoked a clause in our bylaws that called for a special convention in anticipation of how state law would be treating us differently in the next election.

Thanks to the tireless research by Political Director Greg Stempfle we were able to approve a set of bylaws that were compatible with our new status. Since 2019 is an odd year, the bylaws will be up for revision. While setting a record for third party gubernatorial candidates in Michigan, the Gelineau-Thomas ticket did not receive enough votes to retain our special status. Thankfully the existing bylaws anticipated this possibility. We now have bylaws that seamlessly adapt to our change of status, and should we break that threshold again they will still be relevant. So we can take some of our experiences in applying the bylaws with us to the 2019 convention. There will probably be some changes but an overhaul isn’t required.

2018 was also the year that we learned we could survive and thrive as a major party. We were able to leverage our status for better recognition by the mainstream media. We had precinct delegates and county conventions. We matured structurally as an organization.

It is also the year that Marijuana became legal. I know there is a lot of unhappiness that this newly legalized product will continue to be taxed as are other legal products; but for the first time, without the need to pay a tax a person can have 10 ounces of marijuana on hand along with 12 plants, and risk no legal penalty. No taxes, fines, fees, jail time, or prison time. Previously ten ounces and a garden could easily lead to imprisonment. On the down side it’s only ten ounces.

Then that lame duck session. 2018 was the year that the Republican governor signed a bill into law that will censor what Michiganders can post on the internet. He also signed a bill to make the already herculean task of getting an initiative on the ballot even more difficult.

It is the year that we lost two fine activists: Edward Karpinski and Richard Gach.

Other voices

I asked visitors to the LPM Facebook page what they thought some of the more notable events in 2018 were and here are some of their responses:

Michigan had a big year with legalizing pot and our first Libertarian primary for governor – Abigail Ferguson


The Democrat party self destructing and paving the way for Libertarians to become the second party in our two party system. – Brian Haire


Trumps attacks on everyone in America except his friends, and his attacks on the free press. – Dean Rourk


In Michigan, there is an elected Drain Commissioner in Muskegon County who is being recalled for fraud. I’ve talked to family and it’s legit corruption. This is LP gold. – Jennifer Moore



  • Amash got re-elected
  • Recreational cannabis is legal in a couple more states – notably HERE – and a gray market is operating?
  • Ballot initiative in CO to legalize mushrooms


Bad news is that we now have to figure out how to government is going to try to control the gerrymandering proposal even more than they already do – not sure yet if that was truly a win for the people…  – Samantha Meurer


Pretty good showing at the polls! The message is getting out there. – Leon Hollowell


The good: Jobs came back, gas prices dropped, weed was legalized, gerrymandering was reigned in. The bad: officials acting criminally and not being punished, lack of transparency at all levels of government, over-regulation, and the disaster called health care. Goodbye 2018. – Rose DeJong


Libertarians in the News

We are destined to remember the most recent things, but I have compiled a table listing some of the coverage libertarians received in the news media. Happy New Year!

Michigan Libertarian News Makers of 2018

Community leaders angry over decision to reinstate Detroit police corporal accused of punching womanNews 4 WDIV18-December
Public Safety, Personal ExperiencesMichigan Public Radio28-November
Ballot Meridian 2018: Lisa Lane Gioia (LB) Michigan Attorney GeneralHOM-TV Comcast 212-November
Meet the Candidates Stempfle (LIB – SOS)CMU PUBLIC TELEVISION (WCMU)1-November
Public Safety, Personal ExperiencesMichigan Public Radio28-October
Ballot Meridian 2018 General: State Board of Education DebateHOM-TV Comcast 2126-October
Michigan election 2018: Here are your third-party optionsDetroit Free Press23-October
Detroit should be its own county, Libertarian Bill Gelineau says at MLive citizen roundtableMLive23-October
Dems look ready to flip U.S. Rep. Dave Trott’s suburban Detroit districtDetroit Free Press18-October
Ballot Meridian 2018: Scotty Boman (LB) State Board of EducationHOM-TV Comcast 2114-October
Sick of Democrats vs. Republicans? So are Michigan’s Libertarians, a party on the riseMetro Times10-October
Scotty Boman For Michigan Board of EducationCitizen Detroit22-September
Libertarian candidate for governor still fighting for recognition in MichiganMLive20-September
Libertarians Declare War On WDIVGongwer News Service19-September
Whitmer’s plan to fix Michigan roads could raise taxesMLive17-September
The money Schuette wants to fix roads with may not existMLive17-September
Edward (Correct first name) W. Karpinski ObituaryDetroit Free Press8-September
To The Point: Libertarian gubernatorial candidatesWOOD TV82-September
Libertarian candidates say Michigan voters are ‘ready for real solutions’WXMI Fox17 News2-September
Libertarians Nominate Statewide Candidates for General ElectionFOX 47 News WSYM-TV28-August
Libertarians confirm nominations for statewide candidatesWZZM 1327-August
Libertarian candidate for governor announces running mateWZZM 1323-August
Libertarian gubernatorial nominee announces running mateMichigan Radio NPR WUOM FM23-August
Libertarian Gelineau announces running mateNews 8 WOOD22-August
Bill Gelineau announces Lt. Gov. pickUP Matters WJMN22-August
Who is running for Michigan Secretary of State? Read about them hereDetroit Free Press20-August
Libertarian gubernatorial candidate pushes for a seat at the table for third partiesMichigan Radio NPR WUOM FM18-August
Who’s on the general election ballot in Michigan’s Congressional districtsMLive8-August
Michigan Primary Election PreviewHillsdale Daily News4-August
Two candidates face off in historic Libertarian primaryThe Detroit News4-August
Spotlight on the News: Why these Libertarian candidates want to be Michigan governorWXYZ News 727-July
Where they stand: Michigan governor candidates on jobs and the economyBridge Magazine27-July
Let It Rip Weekend: Libertarian candidates debateFox2 WJBK22-July
Legalizing recreational marijuana divides candidates for Michigan’s next governorMichigan Radio NPR WUOM FM19-July
First-ever primary ballot puts Michigan Libertarian Party in uncharted territoryMLive18-July
Libertarian candidates for governor debate at WOODWOOD News 815-July
Off the Record with Tim SkubickWKAR15-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primaryWNMU-FM11-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primaryWEMU11-July
Primary first: Libertarians on ballot for MI governorWOOD News 810-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primaryMichigan Radio 91.1 FM Flint10-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primaryWGVU10-July
Skubick: Longshot candidates stay on the campaign trailWLNS – TV626-June
Two Michigan Libertarian governor candidates walk into a bar…Bridge Magazine15-June
Redford’s Tatar Making Bid For Governor’s Office As LibertarianThe Redford Sentinel11-June
Look out for this wild card in Michigan’s midterm electionDetroit Free Press10-June
Out of the Blocks (Episode: Detroit: MorningSide, part 1. Faith not tested…)WYPR NPR News Station in Maryland, 88.1 FM5-June
Protesting son of former Royal Oak mayor arrested at police run eventThe Oakland Press4-June
Congressional candidate arrested at police run in Royal OakDetroit Free Press3-June
Man arrested for protesting ‘police violence’ during Royal Oak police charity eventWXYZ News 72-June
A Libertarian primary for the first time in Michigan historyMichigan Radio21-May
Here’s who’s running to be Michigan’s next governorThe Detroit News21-May
Lamonte joins field for State Senate seat. Candidates file for 2018 elections Ludington Daily News14-May
Nassar scandal drives interest in Michigan State University board electionLansing State Journal14-May
Fruitport’s Colonel Max Riekse… Runs for State SenateFruitport Area News1-May
Nearly 1,000 Michigan candidates file for 2018 electionDetroit News24-April
Nine candidates file to run for Michigan’s governorBridge Magazine24-April
Names you’ll see on Michigan primary ballots in AugustDetroit Free Press24-April
These 9 candidates will be competing in Michigan’s gubernatorial primaryMLive24-April
Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Seeking to Arm the HomelessTruth In Media16-March
The Senate Candidate Who Wants to Arm the Homeless Explains HimselfVice Media16-March
Arm homeless with shotguns to reduce crime, US Senate hopeful saysFox News16-March
Senate candidate wants to arm the homelessFox2 Detroit WJBK14-March
Michigan governor’s race: 14 candidates aiming to replace Rick SnyderDetroit Free Press2-February
Richard Gach ObituaryThe Detroit News & Detroit Free Press13-January

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