Raymond Warner (1947-2020)

Raymond Warner (1947-2020)

Raymond Warner gets his Defender of Liberty Award in 2015.

Raymond Warner gets his Defender of Liberty Award in 2015.

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Detroit, MI – On the first Saturday in April Wayne County Libertarian stalwart Raymond Warner passed away in his Detroit home after having COVID-19 type symptoms.  Here are statements by a few of the many Libertarians.

Greg Stemple invited comments on Facebook writing:

Longtime Libertarian Party activist Raymond Warner has passed away. Ray, a lifelong resident of Detroit, was involved with the LP since the 1970s. In that time, he served as LPM Secretary, Wayne County Chair, ran for public office numerous times, and won the 2015 Producer of Liberty Award for his decades of service. While Ray’s political activism steered away from the LP in recent years, he helped build and sustain this organization and we would not be where we are today without him.

Because Ray had been involved with the LPM for so many years, we ask longtime members of the party to please share some of your favorite memories of him!

Raymond Warner Remembered by long-time LPM activists

Tim O’Brien wrote

So sorry to hear this sad news. I have many fond memories of Ray and his hilariously droll, sardonic wit, including a time when we served together as the MI delegates to the national LP Platform Committee. His passing is a loss to the struggle for liberty.

Raymond Warner Election History

Raymond Warner Election History – Click to enlarge.

Gregory Creswell commented:

I am very very very sad right now, I can’t tell you how sad. A legend has passed away, a nice person, a fighter, and a Libertarian legend. May God bless him, his family, and his friends.

Ben Bachrach posted, “Ray was active in the LP when I joined in 1979. Some years more than others, but he was always doing something.”

Friends and family

Claranna Gelineau‎ was a coworker with Raymond Warner long before becoming an intrepid Wayne County LP activist: “We had many moments together at work over the years. Rest in peace now my friend…..”

Billy Buc reminisced:

Tom & I are the ones who painted his blue Levi kitchen and the rest of the rooms. His animals are truly missing him as I will never forget him. A sharp and kind man. He always helped if needed. I’ll miss his whit and (humm) charm.

Raymond Warner’s partner Tom Ayman said:

He thought he could conquer anything.  So many surgeries before, and he recovered.  He was like the man of steel.

R.I.P. 10.04.1947-04.04.2020

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