POTUS Hopefuls Make Pitch to Michigan Libertarians

POTUS Hopefuls Make Pitch to Michigan Libertarians

POTUS candidates for the Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in these states... and others.

POTUS candidates for the Libertarian Party will be on the ballot in these states... and others.

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Editors note:  The Michigan Libertarian invited all of the POTUS candidates, who qualified to be listed on this page, to provide a statement (1400 character limit) for Michigan Libertarians to read.  As of this date these are the responses we received.  They are listed in chronological order of the candidate’s response. Candidates can still add their statement to this article by sending it to newsletter@michiganlp.org. Because there is no debate at the April 4th convention, delegates and Presidential candidates may interact in this Facebook Group.

Sam Robb

POTUS candidate Sam Robb

Sam Robb

There is a sea change going on right now in politics. Voters of all stripes are unhappy with “business as usual”. They are hungry for real, honest change. Another coat of red or blue paint slapped up over the crumbling edifice isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We have spent decades speaking out against the exact excesses that are so worrying people now. This is a unique opportunity to engage with those voters.

That conversation isn’t going to happen if we wait for people to come to us. We must meet them where they are. Seek them out and speak to them in political language they understand.  Show them how liberty – not government – is the solution they need for their families and communities.

I plan to preach liberty and campaign on outreach. Even more than outreach – a political search and rescue operation. I am refugee from the GOP who grew up in a working-class Democrat neighborhood. A former Naval officer and a pro-life, pro-family, pro-immigration, big-tent libertarian. My supporters are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents. I know these people. I can speak to their concerns, and show them a path forward towards liberty.

I intend to win hearts and minds by bringing these people a real libertarian message. A message that translates principle to policy. A message not about eliminating government, but replacing it with something that works: freedom. More information available at:  samrobb2020.com

Louis Vanacore

for We The People

POTUS Candidate Louis Vanacore

Louis Vanacore

Our divisiveness is a symptom of a greater problem – undue influence. Our presidents are partisans, political parties coerce our representatives to represent their priority, and leadership in congress puts their party above good government.

Our divisiveness is rooted in the control our political parties have over our governing processes, thus our representatives.

The solution to our divisiveness is in freeing our representatives from the restraints and coercion imposed by political parties.

First, the rules by which the Houses of Congress operate should be adopted not by a simple majority rule, but by 2/3 approval of their congresspersons. A 2/3 consensus in appropriate for a decision to be embraced by all.

Second, only those eligible to vote in the election should be allowed to contribute or expend on behalf of the candidate.  If the candidate is not your representative you should not be allowed to influence how they represent their constituents.

Third, as President, I and the Cabinet shall function in a nonpartisan manner. Political parties should not be allowed to achieve through the President (or the Supreme Court) that which could not be provided by legislation.

Forth, as President, I shall give bipartisan congresspersons a voice by forcing bipartisan negotiations through a veto to all legislation not having a 2/3 approval.

More information available at: vanacore2020.com

Dan Behrman

A big yellow hat, with a black and yellow “Taxation is Theft” sticker craftily arranged and stuck to its side. This is usually what most people see when they look at Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman.

POTUS Candidate Dan Behrman

Dan Behrman

While the hat plays a huge role in Behrman’s campaign, he insists that there is more than meets the eye.

“People see this hat, but there is so much more to me,” Behrman divulges.

Behrman was born in Los Angeles, California. He calls Texas home, but currently divides his time between there and Cancun, Mexico. He lives with his wife, and their two rescue dogs.

“I try to leave the state out of things as much as possible. People ask me if I legally changed my middle name to Taxation is Theft. I didn’t legally change it, I lawfully changed it, and the government has to recognize it. Free men don’t ask for permission,” Behrman stated.

Behrman decided to run for president simply because he wanted to make change.

“I want to end taxation. Taxation is the root cause of every failed government program, which is most of them. Taxation is Theft,” he asserted.

But is it?

“There are two things to consider when talking about taxes. The first is necessity, and the second is morality. Necessity asks if it is necessary to both provide all of the government services, and is it necessary to tax to pay for them. Morality asks the question if it is theft. By its very definition, it is theft, and this cannot be disputed. If you don’t pay, they will take it. If you try to hide it from them, they will arrest you. If you resist, they will hurt you. Theft is taking property which is not yours by the use of force or the threat of force. That is exactly what the government does every day to millions of people,” he stated. More information available at: behrman2020.com

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee

Lincoln Chafee

As Mayor, he united a city and won reelection three times by winning every ward in every district…despite being a member of the “wrong” party. In the Senate, he stood up to the warmongers in Washington and in his own party, to vote against the disastrous Iraq War. As the first Independent Governor elected in Rhode Island’s history, he worked to balance the state budget, led the fight for Marriage Equality, stood up to the crooked cronyism of the 38 Studios deal, and successfully lowered the state’s unemployment rate during the worst recession of our time.

He’s seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of American partisan politics. Democrats who proclaim to believe in Civil Liberties but vote for warrant-less surveillance; Republicans who proclaim to be fiscally responsible, but drive us into deeper and deeper debt; and both parties who continue to send our brave soldiers into senseless and counterproductive wars based on lies.

Now, he’s come home to the Libertarian Party to advocate stopping the escalation of endless war, reining in our skyrocketing deficits, and protecting our personal liberties in the face of government encroachment. Lincoln Chafee wants to build the Libertarian Party, fight for our freedoms, and stand up for the truth. You can join him and learn more at www.LincolnChafee.com.

Adam Kokesh

Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh with Scotty Boman and Detroit Police Commissioner Willie Burton in the DPD HQ parking lot on St. Patric's Day 2020.

Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh with Scotty Boman and Detroit Police Commissioner Willie Burton in the DPD HQ parking lot on St. Patric’s Day 2020.

When elected, I will swear in, walk to the White House, and sign one executive order. This executive order will lay out the process for dissolving the federal government in a peaceful, orderly manner. With it, I will resign as President to become “Custodian of the Federal Government.” The only thing I will do as President before signing the order is pardon everyone convicted under federal law for victimless crimes. The executive order will appoint someone to head each federal department as “Custodians” who will carry out the plan outlined in the order.

Some agencies will be very easy to do away with, like those that perform only regulatory or illegitimate functions. Others can be carefully transferred to state governments. American troops abroad will be immediately brought home in a responsible and orderly manner that does not endanger their lives. Federal properties will be transferred to the states, privatized, or disposed of.

Upon winning the election, our transition team will immediately begin the rollout of a new, decentralized monetary system by which we can pay back the American people and fund the bankruptcy process of the federal government.

More important than the politics of this campaign, is the education about the nature of government and how we can apply it to live more free NOW! This campaign is about encouraging people to minimize the role of government in their lives and their role in empowering government.  For more details read my platform.

Link to the March 2020 Michigan Libertarian