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Mike Saliba Wants to End the Culture War

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By Mike Saliba, District 10 Congressional Candidate

For years now, political discourse in our country has been wrapped in a culture war. Heated arguments and deep divisions have resulted from this culture war. So of course, our candidates for public office have chosen to take part. Candidates now go out of their way to make statements or take actions that boil down to “Look at me! I feel the same way you do about this hot button issue!”. As a candidate for United States House of Representatives I have one thing to say to those other candidates who seek to make political gains from our divisions, “STOP IT!” and “That isn’t your job!”

Mike Saliba Calls for a Truce

I want to declare a truce in this ridiculous culture war. Of course, I have thoughts about the cultural issues were facing. But as a member of Congress, it will not be my job to deal with them and the Constitution certainly doesn’t give me or any other member of the Federal government to force them on you.

Culture will take care of culture. People who own public restrooms and their customers will decide who gets to use them. Movie studios the people who buy the tickets will decide who gets cast in the movies. Sports organizations and the athletes they organize will decide who competes. The Federal government doesn’t have a say.

Redirecting Federal Actions

What should the Federal government focus on, if not these deeply divisive issues? I have a few issues I’m concerned about. The United States is now ranked 25th on the Index of Economic Freedom. When President Biden won the 2020 election, we were 17th. When President Trump was elected in 2016, we were ranked 11th. Since I first became politically active in 2000 our national debt has gone up over 540%. Interest rates are the highest they’ve been in my adult life. Inflation is the highest it’s been in my entire life. Most frightening, as we continue to flirt with World War 3, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have set its Doomsday Clock the closest to midnight it has ever been before.

While Republicans and Democrats have been happy to take up sides and arms in the culture war, they have walked hand in hand in a bipartisan effort to bring about all the problems I’m concerned with. And while those who seek to keep us divided have plenty to say about what they think about the skin tone of mermaids or drag queen bingo night, they have almost no explanation why the dollars you’ve been saving are worth less and less every day or how the limited government defined by our Constitution continues to grow and intrude into your day to day life in ways it never had before.

We The People must stop falling into the trap of divide and conquer.

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Link to the October 2022 Michigan Libertarian

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