Libertarians Call for Occupation of Government Buildings

Libertarians Call for Occupation of Government Buildings

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Kimberly McCurry, Chair
Libertarian Party of Michigan

Over the past several weeks the government building and land occupation in Oregon has made the national news. Some people support it, some are against, but no matter which side you support one thing is clear – people are tired of government overreach and excessive punishments.

Although this happened in the Pacific Northwest, the people of Michigan should still pay attention. Why? Because this can happen anywhere, as it did before at Wounded Knee in 1973. The Obama administration has added 265 million acres of new federally protected lands, and over three million acres of land in Michigan is owned and controlled by the federal government.


Criminal charges were involved in Oregon, but that does not condone how the government handled the situation.  Nor does it condone the violent threats and actions of protesters.  These protests and occupations happening across the country are symptoms of a much larger issue: a dysfunctional government that continues to remove or restrict our freedoms.

Those participating in the standoff apparently believe it is one of the few routes left to fight the ever encroaching government, and they may be right, as nearly half of US citizens fail to stand where it matters most – in the voting booth.  And of those that do vote, people repeatedly vote against the person they fear most – the “lesser of two evils” – rather than voting for real change.

If we are ready to stand in the streets and prepared to fight, then why can’t we do it nonviolently?  If we are brave enough to take up arms, it is time we are brave enough to vote for freedom.  The election is a battle, and votes are our weapons.

Voters cannot do this alone though.  They need a front line that will stand up and run for political office to give people better choices. In many cases these will be independent or minor party candidates.  It will never be easy, but the public is ready for action and tired of oppression.

Libertarians call for freedom-minded people to stand up and become that front line.  We call for the occupation of Federal, State, and Local government buildings by elected officials representing liberty for the people.  Let us seize control of the legislative process and legalize freedom!