Libertarian Party of Michigan Seeks Volunteers

Libertarian Party of Michigan Seeks Volunteers

2016 Libertarian Party of Michigan Logo

2016 Libertarian Party of Michigan Logo

The Libertarian Party of Michigan is seeking volunteers for several positions and committee roles. At the last Libertarian Executive Committee meeting, it was decided to reach out to our entire membership before selecting people to fill these roles. Positions are available on the following committees; legislative committee, social media committee, press/media coordinator, webmaster, and the historical committee.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please provide a statement about the committee you are interested in, your approach to this role, and any relevant previous experience you bring to the table. Members of the LEC may submit additional questions for prospective committee chairpersons and committee members. Please send your statement or any questions regarding these roles to by May 31. The next meeting of the LEC will be on June 2, at which some of these appointments are expected to be named.

Legislative Committee

The purpose of the legislative committee, as defined by our bylaws, is to monitor, report on, and advocate for legislation on behalf of the Libertarian Party.

  • Members of the legislative committee are expected stay abreast of current proposed legislation in specific areas of interest and to determine the libertarian position to support or oppose. Once the decision has been made to take a position on a piece of legislation, members will prepare and present testimony at legislative hearings on specific bills, which will require travel to and from Lansing.
  • Since there are nearly 80 committees between the state house and senate the committee will focus primarily on legislation that affects the liberty of a majority of citizens, such as Commerce, Education, Elections & Ethics, Health Policy, Judiciary, Law and Justice, Local Government, or Tax Policy. Ballot initiatives and other specific legislation that is timely can also be addressed.
  • The Legislative committee chair will oversee the committee and present regular reports to the LEC and an annual report to the Convention.

Social Media Committee

The purpose of the social media committee is to ensure that Party news and information, such as Newsletter and Press Release content, is regularly published on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Members of the Social Media Team are expected to:

  • Post links to informative articles, memes, and other posts to keep the LPM’s social media pages active and engaging.
  • Post a minimum of three new topics per week to help keep our page active.
  • Maintain a professional tone when representing the party online.

Press / Media Coordinator

The responsibilities of the Media Coordinator will be to:

  • Manage the LPM’s media lists and distribution of news releases by the LPM.
  • Be the point person for all media inquiries to the LPM and responsible to direct them to the proper personnel for response.
  • Solicit ideas for news releases from LPM members and draft news releases in AP format for general news release.


The responsibilities of the Webmaster will be to:

  • Make sure our website is maintained and updated to support the LPM and its candidates and provide information to the public. Content should be solicited from officers, members, candidates, and appropriate outside sources.
  • Work with the National Libertarian Party, who helps maintain our website.
  • Train a group of party members that can update and edit the website.

Historical Committee

The purpose of the Historical committee is to collect and maintain historical archives of the LPM and its candidates. Among the tasks taken on by members of the historical committee are to:

  • Assist the secretary in ensuring that member-accessible archives are preserved.
  • Be the point person for anyone seeking to donate archival material to the party and assure that such material is preserved in a digital format.
  • Prepare a narrative account of the LPM’s activities during the committee’s term, which when approved by the LEC, will become a permanent part of the LPM’s official history.