Keeping up with our National Party

Keeping up with our National Party

By Scotty Boman, Editor

Link to the February Michigan Libertarian.

For many Libertarian activists, the National Party exists for one weekend every two years. We have a lot of fun, attend workshops, vote on bylaws and the platform, and then elect new officers. Every other convention we nominate our Presidential ticket.

But plenty happens in-between. The people we elect keep the Libertarian Party going. They comment on policy and do research. They fund ballot access efforts. They plan conferences including subsequent conventions. They also vote on a number of resolutions and even on which of their colleagues remain on the LNC.

So how do we know what they’re doing? Do we have any say in this process? Before reaching out to national officers on an issue of interest to me, I had no idea how transparent the process really was. To stay current on official LNC correspondence one can visit this google group. Conversations between officers are readily available for anyone to read:!forum/lncvotes

In case you are wondering what you missed, detailed minutes are archived here:

and final drafts are archived in PDF formant here:

So what if you want to contact an LEC member to express your opinion on an upcoming vote, or to thank them for past work? Their email addresses are right here:

Many of the officers are regional representatives. They are each responsive to members of their own region. Michigan is in Region 3, so our Regional representative is Elizabeth Van Horn ( ). There is a Region 3 facebook group here:

So there it is! Our National leadership is no further away than your cellphone, tablet or computer.

Link to the February Michigan Libertarian.

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