Term Limits

In Support of Term Limits

By Ric Curtis

With regard to term-limiting elected officials, better solutions are possible, rather than throwing out the good with the bad. Term-limits could allow for increasing hurdles rather than the hapless absurdity of absolute cut-offs. Benefits include, (#1) increased voter turn-out requirements to maintain your position (expanding participation), and (#2) increasing plurality of votes received to maintain a position (super-majorities).

Extended terms only for those who may earn them. The focus of elections should lean more toward stakeholders benefit and to the republic. Elect a properly motivated and capable political body!

Politicians can be made to actually serve the republic (#1 above) and public (#2 above) rather than only themselves and their marketing company. It is not easy or obvious but is much more on-point and potentially beneficial. It would be a great experiment, from Michigan to the nation, if effective!

*Article was featured in the October 2023 Michigan Libertarian newsletter.

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