Gun Bill Gives Priveledges to Politicians

Gun Bill Gives Privileges to Politicians

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The Libertarian Party of Michigan would like to inform you that we oppose this Gun Bill: HB 4006.

This bill amends “1927 PA 372,” and allows elected officials to carry firearms into publicly owned premises. We feel that this law was not amended enough, or that legislators should scrap it entirely. In fact they should allow anyone from the general public to carry a firearm. Politicians should not be able to pick and choose who may carry a firearm, for ones protection. People also have a right to decide when they carry one.

The legislature, and other elected officials, are another arm of the state government. So this amendment bestows special privileges to those government officials. This is just another example of how the politicians have increasingly designed government to serve their own interests, at the expense of the people. 

Gun Bill Does More Harm Than Good

Many people believe that this bill will prevent bad actors from being able to cause harm to the people. Especially people who work and do business in these buildings. Although this argument may appear to be valid, it’s false! In fact it doesn’t actually prevent anything bad from happening. Libertarians support the Second Amendment to the fullest, and we believe that if more peaceful people carry firearms, for self defense, fewer bad actors will be able to get away with violence.

Legislatures should shut this amendment down in committee. Additionally, they should remove 1927 PA 372 from the books, entirely. This would effectively allow people to keep and bear arms, further advancing liberty and allowing more individuals to protect against potential violent threats. 

This is a CALL TO ACTION. Please call and email Committee Chair Filler, and request that he let this bill die by refusing to introduce it in committee. 

Graham Filler (517) 373-1778

You can also follow up with Representative Gary Eisen, who introduced this flagrant attempt at further attempting to enshrine special privileges for the ruling class, and tell him that elected officials don’t get rights that aren’t extended to the people they represent. 

Gary Eisen (517) 373-1790


Ryan Roberts

1st District Representative

UPLP Chair

Link to the February 2022 Michigan Libertarian

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