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We’re born to be free, to live our lives as we choose so long as we do not harm others. That’s what the Libertarian Party believes. We’re glad you found us—here, in Michigan—where we have an exciting group of people that wants to help you help us take charge of our lives and put government in its proper place. To get involved, click here.

Pat Heller to address Capital Area Libertarians on April 14

LPM Convention, “Freedom is the Future,” May 17, 2014, Howell

This year’s state convention will include the nomination of 2014 Candidates for office, as well as delegates to the national convention in Columbus, Ohio. We also have an exciting banquet songstress in the person of Tatiana Moroz, who has performed in a large number of international libertarian event venues. Her music, a mix of acoustic & electric Pop infused with Blues, Country, Soul, and Rock is liberty and anti-war themed throughout. Pricing before May 7: Full Package: Convention, Lunch, and Banquet $75; Convention and Lunch $40; Convention Only: $30;  Banquet Only: $55. Please go to this page for details. http://michiganlp.org/?page_id=71.

Shakin’ Up The System in 2014!
“Marketing For Liberty” sets empowering new vision

MarketingRoughly 50 persons (altogether) attended the Marketing for Liberty event put on by Scotty Boman and Heather Richards-Wodrich at the Capital Area LP office on Michigan Avenue in Lansing on March 8th. Several speakers with expertise in marketing, media, strategy, grassroots organizing, and so forth presented dense-packed ideas for invigorating the LPM and moving forward. The following individuals shared their invaluable insights.

  • Pat Clawson – Former CNN reporter
  • Tim Obrien – Advertising consultant / membership growth  expert
  • Helena Blakemore – Video/Movie producer
  • Derek Magill – Campus activist/organizer
  • Bill Gelineau – Election result analyst
  • Greg Marshall – Radio talk show host to TEA Party market
  • Heather Richards-Wodrich – Media relations consultant
  • Brian Wright – LPM cofounder, author, publisher, strategist

Party and affiliate leaders also listened to an array of critical comments, which were for the most part constructive and illuminating. For example, who knew that “students have a poor image of the LP in general for, well, too many representatives of the LP(M) not presenting a positive, professional image?” The speakers came forth with all kinds of quite simple “do’s and don’t do’s” in their areas of expertise… that we can all take to the bank. 

Speaker Helena Blakemore of Mooshka Productions with a small staff of volunteers set up in the office below to produce a short, effective video using clips of several of the marketing event attendees doing a read. She is graciously donating that video for use on our Website and for other purposes. When it is complete, the video will appear on this writeup and will take a prominent place on the home page.

This is a preliminary report, for more information, please contact the LPM media director Heather Richards-Wodrich at media@michiganlp.org. [The initial event announcement appears on this page.]

Exciting times most definitely to come. Several new memberships and renewals are directly attributable to the positive messages taken away from the event. Thank you to all who made it possible, especially Scotty, Heather, Helena, and Mary. Also to Jon Addiss owner of the property who donated the lecture hall.

Libertarians win in Michigan!

Two significant victories and a strong rookie-candidate showing:

SONY DSCAndy LeCureaux, Hazel Park City Council

Andy LeCureaux was re-elected in an uncontested race for a third term to the Hazel Park City Council. Lecureux has been on the Council continuously since 2001.

Erwin Haas, City of Kentwood Commissioner

Erwin HaasOn November 5, 2013, voters in Kentwood elected Erwin Haas Commissioner for the city of Kentwood, Ward 2. Erwin, a long time Libertarian activist and leader in the Libertarian Party of West Michigan, ousted the favored Dick DeVos-backed incumbent Maurice Groce by 68 votes. Erwin won this local race with very little money and media attention. This sends a message: if you’re an incumbent, there is no guarantee that you will be one after the next election even — in a local, non-partisan race.

Other Key Races

Alex Fera ran for Novi City Council and received approximately 6% of the total vote in a race featuring five candidates for three commissioner slots. Alex ran a positive campaign and is still a leading Novi booster. His ‘concession and thank you’ speech is located here, and he plans to be running for further office in the Novi area.

Patrick ClawsonFormer CNN investigative reporter Pat Clawson was the only Michigan Libertarian running in a partisan election in 2013. The campaign was well publicized, but scaled back due to health reasons. He finished with 4.2 percent of the vote.

The Libertarian Party of Michigan is excited to build on these successes by expanding membership and running ever-more highly qualified candidates in 2014 and beyond.

Mary Buzuma
Libertarian Party of Michigan

Detroit Police Chief: “Legal gun owners can deter crime.”

Police_ChiefDetroit Police Chief James Craig, who’s been on the job since July of last year, started blowing minds this week by telling anyone who would listen that law-abiding citizens who possess concealed carry permits — and the pistols to accompany them — make for wonderfully effective crime deterrents.

Craig spoke at a press conference Thursday, telling reporters he once believed in gun control. But over the course of a 36-year career in law enforcement, Craig found that violent criminals believed in gun control, too. After all, why would bad guys want to increase the probability that their victims are capable of matching force with force? From Detroit News column.


Other Recent Stories and Posts

Go to this page (http://michiganlp.org/?page_id=63) for full listing of LPM news and stories.

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A Basic View of What Liberty is All About


History of the Libertarian Party


Archive of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s First 25 Years

End of the Two-Party System?

It’s with some reservation that I, Webmaster Brian, post the ‘Adolph Hitler’ video dubbed by our own Steve Mace to convey the message that the Two Party System—like the demise of our premier A-List 20th century dictator—is on the ropes. But I, Webmaster Brian, think it’s absolutely brilliant… and devastating. Let me know what you think… using Reply box below.

Advisory: some language is, well, PG-85. If you’re over 85, you may consider it unduly harsh and profane. Though my guess is ol’ Adolph actually used a little profanity here and there and it’s certainly how the higher echelons of power in Lansing do business and lament their approaching end of days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4A3XuH8rhg&feature=share

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5 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Arnis Davidsons

    Congratulations to the new Board members!

    I am the current “caretaker” of our Statue of Liberty. If ANYONE has any information regarding the history of this statue, PLEASE send me an email! All I know is that she was a donation to LPWM from LPSWM. If anyone knows WHO made her, or WHEN she was made, (or any other info), PLEASE let me know. Many people asked me questions about her at the Convention, which I was unable to answer. I would like to write up a “history” of “the Lady”, and perhaps make a sign to display next to her when she’s out in public. While she looks good for her age, I’m hoping to get her “cleaned up” a bit, and fit her with a new torch. I’m also hoping to get her back out on public display more often. (We really need a trailer!)

    If anyone has any info for me, my email is:

    Thank you for any help.
    In Liberty
    Arnie Davidsons
    Vice Chair, LPWM

    1. Arnis Davidsons

      Ok, Folks.. I have received some information that conflicts, regarding Lady Liberty.
      Is there a chance that we have TWO of them? Anybody with info, please feel free to pitch in!

      Thank you,.
      Arnie Davidsons

  2. Bob

    When i clicked on your calendar to view/download free pdf doc it wanted me to install a toolbar. I do not use or d-load toolbars. I am interested in the info. Can i get these doc’s elsewhere?


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