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We’re born to be free, to live our lives as we choose so long as we do not harm others. That’s what the Libertarian Party believes. We’re glad you found us—here, in Michigan—where we have an exciting group of people that wants to help you help us take charge of our lives and put government in its proper place. To get involved, click here.

2014 LPM Convention Report: Prospects of Flowering…

[June 4 News Release on Candidates 2014]
[Check out coverage in the Lansing State Journal.]

IMG_20140518_123758 (3)This year’s state convention saw the selection of the following major top of ticket candidates for the 2014 general election:

  • US Senate: Jim Fulner
  • Governor of Michigan: Mary Buzuma
  • Lieutenant Governor: Scotty Boman
  • Attorney General: Justin Altman
  • Secretary of State: Jamie Lewis
  • Supreme Court Justice: Kerry Morgan

With the following Congressional selections:

  • District 1: Loel Gnadt
  • District 2: Kipp Welch II
  • District 3: NOTA
  • District 4: Will Tyler White
  • District 5: Hal Jones
  • District 6: Erwin Haas
  • District 7: Ken Proctor
  • District 8: James Weeks II
  • District 9: Greg Creswell
  • District 11: John Tatar
  • District 12: Bob Dhsyhria
  • District 13: Chris Sharer
  • District 14: Leonard Schwartz

In state senate districts, the following were selected: Jeff Wood (22), Jim Young (11), Bill Wenzel (26), and notably—because the selectee is a former Republican state representative and successful national businessman—Lorence Wenke (20). A full list of candidates (incl. educational boards and other statewide and local offices) and Michigan LP delegates to the LP national convention in Columbus, Ohio, 26-29 June, 2014, appears here.

No changes to the bylaws or platform were made, however an important resolution, submitted by Brian Wright, pertaining to statutory grand juries was passed by the body:

The LPM supports the reinvigoration and reassertion of the people’s ultimate authority—at local, state, and federal levels—to investigate and bring indictments of government corruption and crimes through statutory empanelment of grand juries.

LPM Officers for the 2014 Season


From left to right: Scotty Boman, Ron Taylor, Jim Fulner, James Weeks II, Jeff Wood, Kimberly Moore, Kipp Welch II, Mary Buzuma, Karl Jackson — Thanks to Ron Taylor for the photo and the awesome Astral Projection motif: Picard, DATA, and the LPM Enterprise crew StarDate 2014.05.17

The convention elected the following new slate of officers:

  • Chair: Mary Buzuma
  • Vice Chair: Scotty Boman
  • Secretary: Jim Fulner
  • Treasurer: Kimberly Moore

Libertarian Executive Committee Directors

  • Karl Jackson
  • Jeff Wood
  • Kipp Welch II
  • Ron Taylor
  • James Weeks II

Judicial Committee

  • Bill Hall
  • Larry Johnson
  • Rodger Young

Congratulations to all who valiantly won and to all who valiantly participated! Now let’s everyone get cracking: we have a lot of learning and acting and leading to do.

Weeks’ Congressional campaign captures national headlines

Brighton-MI. The Libertarian candidate for Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District has been in the headlines as the result of a protest he organized. James Weeks II organized a rally to protest the fact that a teenager, Colin Anderson, was fined $200 for saying, “This is fucking bullshit” in earshot of a Brighton police officer. Weeks named the rally after the phrase Anderson was punished for saying. The protest went off as planned on May 31; it was peaceful and successful making its point that we the people will not take such arbitrary infringements of free speech lying down.

According to Weeks, “We had around 60 protesters, an average of 30 at any time. From grandmothers to teenagers.” He said that while many of the protesters practiced ‘civil disobedience’ there was at least as much swearing by hecklers who disapproved of the protest: “We had a mixed reaction, everything from support to people swearing at us.” Media coverage was positive, though not as extensive as that leading up to the event. Read full story here.

Detroit Police Chief: “Legal gun owners can deter crime.”

Police_ChiefDetroit Police Chief James Craig, who’s been on the job since July of last year, started blowing minds this week by telling anyone who would listen that law-abiding citizens who possess concealed carry permits — and the pistols to accompany them — make for wonderfully effective crime deterrents.

Craig spoke at a press conference Thursday, telling reporters he once believed in gun control. But over the course of a 36-year career in law enforcement, Craig found that violent criminals believed in gun control, too. After all, why would bad guys want to increase the probability that their victims are capable of matching force with force? From Detroit News column.


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History of the Libertarian Party


Archive of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s First 25 Years

End of the Two-Party System?

It’s with some reservation that I, Webmaster Brian, post the ‘Adolph Hitler’ video dubbed by our own Steve Mace to convey the message that the Two Party System—like the demise of our premier A-List 20th century dictator—is on the ropes. But I, Webmaster Brian, think it’s absolutely brilliant… and devastating. Let me know what you think… using Reply box below.

Advisory: some language is, well, PG-85. If you’re over 85, you may consider it unduly harsh and profane. Though my guess is ol’ Adolph actually used a little profanity here and there and it’s certainly how the higher echelons of power in Lansing do business and lament their approaching end of days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4A3XuH8rhg&feature=share

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  1. Arnis Davidsons

    Congratulations to the new Board members!

    I am the current “caretaker” of our Statue of Liberty. If ANYONE has any information regarding the history of this statue, PLEASE send me an email! All I know is that she was a donation to LPWM from LPSWM. If anyone knows WHO made her, or WHEN she was made, (or any other info), PLEASE let me know. Many people asked me questions about her at the Convention, which I was unable to answer. I would like to write up a “history” of “the Lady”, and perhaps make a sign to display next to her when she’s out in public. While she looks good for her age, I’m hoping to get her “cleaned up” a bit, and fit her with a new torch. I’m also hoping to get her back out on public display more often. (We really need a trailer!)

    If anyone has any info for me, my email is:

    Thank you for any help.
    In Liberty
    Arnie Davidsons
    Vice Chair, LPWM

    1. Arnis Davidsons

      Ok, Folks.. I have received some information that conflicts, regarding Lady Liberty.
      Is there a chance that we have TWO of them? Anybody with info, please feel free to pitch in!

      Thank you,.
      Arnie Davidsons

  2. Bob

    When i clicked on your calendar to view/download free pdf doc it wanted me to install a toolbar. I do not use or d-load toolbars. I am interested in the info. Can i get these doc’s elsewhere?


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