Officers and Staff

Officers & Staff for the Libertarian Party of Michigan



Bill Gelineau

Bill is a former Chair and one of the early members of the party. He has many contacts and has been involved in both party leadership and candidate elections.

1381985_534691716617289_95892181_nVice Chair

Kim McCurry

Kimberly is a former LEC treasurer who received the highest number of votes for any minor party candidate in Michigan’s 2014 general election.  Her vision for the party begins with much needed behind the scenes organization as well as reaching out via internet media venues.

jeff wood

Diane Bostow

Diane Bostow lives in Gwinn, Michigan, and was the candidate in District 1, which encompasses most of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. She put over 30,000 miles on her car campaigning all around the district spreading her message and that of the Libertarian presidential ticket of governors Gary Johnson and William Weld. Like other Libertarian candidates, Diane is found creative ways to help people learn about the party’s message of fiscal responsibility and social tolerance.

Jason BrandenburgTreasurer

Jason Brandenburg

Jason formed a Libertarian group in Kalamazoo which became the new core of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan. Since that time, the affiliate has grown in an urban center with multiple colleges.

At-Large Directors

HeadshotLEC At Large Director

Jonathan Osment

Jonathan Osment first got involved through the Wayne County affiliate. As a volunteer Jonathan brought a solid understanding of Web design and, particularly, the vagaries of the WordPress platform our Website uses.

jeff woodLEC At Large Director

Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood is a former Vice Chair. He has energetic passion to move the party forward. Jeff is very involved in many places in the party, particularly in the Livingston County Affiliate.

jeff wood
LEC At Large Director

Tiffany Hayden

Tiffany Hayden is founder and CEO of Enable Payments and was the 2016 Libertarian candidate for US Congress in Michigan’s 13th District. She describes herself as an energetic, results-oriented manager with a proven ability to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs. Passionate community builder, fastidious connector, effective problem-solver. Ruthlessly curious.

jeff wood
LEC At Large Director

Greg Creswell

Gregory Creswell was the 2016 Spokesperson of Liberty award winner and is a Baptist Detroiter who was born in 1957 and has been married to his wife Shonda since 1982. He has been blessed with a son, Kwame and daughter Kanika. He graduated from Chadsey High School in 1975, and attended Wayne County Community College District. He donated his time, skills and earnings to numerous charities such as his Church and Brass Roots (member since it was formed). He was a Detroit coordinator in 2006 for M.C.R.I. proposal #2 vote Yes! and has been a vocal advocate of liberty. He helped to get proposal #2 M.C.R.I. 2006 on the ballot. He also helped to make Michigan a “Shall Issue” state.

LEC At Large Director

Emily Salvette

Emily Salvette, is a wife, mother and grandmother who thinks freedom is important. While living in Ann Arbor, her concerns were the same as citizens at-large: reviving economic opportunity everywhere, especially in Michigan; reducing the cost of government so we live within our means and get government debt under control; ending politically motivated and expensive wars that do nothing to keep us safe; and restoring the political system our founders intended so it serves citizens, not burdens them.

Scotty BomanPolitical Director

Scotty Boman

Scotty Boman is a life-long Michigander. He is a professor at Macomb Community College and Wayne County Community College District. He has Master Degrees in Physics and teaching From WMU and WSU respectively, and has been a candidate in every major election since 1994. He is an officer in three non-partisan organizations: Michigan Director Our America Initiative, Legislative Laison of Brass Roots, and Board Member at Large of the Morningside neighborhood association.



In Transition

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Scotty Boman
Membership Coordinator

JJ McCurry

Before moving to Michigan JJ McCurry was Chair of Orange County Florida Libertarian Party. He was also the Region 2 Representative for the Libertarian Party of Florida from 2008 – until he move to Michigan to mary Kim McCurry who now serves as Vice Chair. JJ has attended Webber International University.

FullSizeRenderMedia Director  

Bradley Hunt

Bradley Hunt was instrumental in establishing the Northeast Lower Michigan Libertarian Party, and received a Promoter of Liberty Award for this effort in 2015. Bradley has expressed a desire to spread the message of liberty to improve the lives of others. He affirms that there is more than one way to get a job done, and humanity needs to find better ways to solve its problems than using force, fraud, or coercion.

Judicial Committee Members

Contact Committee

Judicial Committee Member

Bill Hall

Bill Hall is a partner with the law firm of Warner Norcross and Judd, LLP, the third largest law firm in Michigan. He specializes in commercial real estate and mining law. He graduated with honors from the Northwestern University School of Law and Wabash College. He has resided in West Michigan for more than 30 years with his wife and two sons. He has volunteered as a Scout leader for the past 20 years, currently as the Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop in Rockford, Michigan.

Judicial Committee Member

Mary Buzuma

Mary served as a US Navy intelligence officer for 26 years (starting in August of 1979). This included 10 tours of duty on both land and sea, in the US and abroad. She learned leadership and experienced the challenge of working in a diverse community – that you have to overcome differences to accomplish the mission. Also in the military she got the opportunity to travel and experience life in different countries. Through those experiences she gained a greater appreciation for freedoms that unfortunately some people in the United States (including those in our government) take for granted: rule of law, equality, self-government, and freedom of speech, freedom of religion, property and contract. Mary retired in August of 2005 with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.