Officers and Staff


Officers & Staff for the Libertarian Party of Michigan



Executive Committee


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Bill Hall

Bill became active in the Libertarian Party as a candidate and leader to oppose Republican and Democratic attacks on our personal and economic freedoms. He is a partner with the law firm of Warner Norcross and Judd LLP, the second largest law firm in Michigan, specializing in real estate and business law. Bill has resided in West Michigan for more than 30 years with his wife and two sons. He has volunteered as a Scout leader for more than 20 years, 11 of those as the Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 282 in Rockford.

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1st Vice Chair (Affiliate Director)

Tim Yow

Tim is a entrepreneur residing in Metro Detroit. He launched YowSeo Online Marketing in 2012 and co-owns Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream, in historical Franklin Michigan, with his wife and younger daughter. He is also the creator of, a nation-wide directory of libertarian-owned businesses. He is on the Board of Directors of the Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as the Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Oakland County. He became a Libertarian due to his desire to see an end to debilitating business regulations and laws that create criminals where there are no victims.

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2nd Vice Chair (Political Director)

Gregory Stempfle

Greg is chairman of the Libertarian Party of Oakland County. His interests include understanding election law and recruiting and training libertarian candidates for public office. He lives in Ferndale with his wife and nine turtles and works as a Medical Technologist.

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Emily Salvette

Emily voted for Ed Clark in 1980 and has been an active volunteer in the Libertarian Party since, working on candidate campaigns, running for office, and holding local, state and national leadership positions. She is currently Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Michigan and just recently, as LPM Credentials Chair, helped develop a delegate credentialing system needed for the first time due to Gary Johnson’s excellent vote totals in Michigan in the 2016 presidential election.

Emily served on the Advocates for Self-Government board from 2013-16 and donates to other organizations such as Institute for Justice and the Heartland Institute. She has a BA in Economics and an MA in Telecommunications from the University of Michigan. She has been a volunteer all her life, serving organizations that support local social service needs, historical preservation, and education. She enjoys UM football and is active in the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. She and her husband John, an auto industry executive, live in Ann Arbor and are both Life Members of the LP.

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Jason Brandenburg

Jason formed a Libertarian group in Kalamazoo which became the new core of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan. Since that time, the affiliate has grown in an urban center with multiple colleges.

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Congressional District Representatives

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Donna Gundle-Kreig

Donna Gundle-Krieg is a real estate broker in beautiful northern Michigan. She is especially passionate about property rights, and in a past life was passionate about growing the home schooling movement. Donna was involved in the Libertarian party for years in “downstate” Michigan, and is now helping create an affiliate in Northwest Michigan.

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District #2

Mary Buzuma

Mary served as a US Navy intelligence officer for 26 years (starting in 1979). This included 10 tours of duty on both land and sea, in the US and abroad. She learned leadership and experienced the challenge of working in a diverse community – that you have to overcome differences to accomplish the mission. Also in the military she got the opportunity to travel and experience life in different countries. Through those experiences she gained a greater appreciation for freedoms that unfortunately some people in the United States (including those in our government) take for granted: rule of law, equality, self-government, and freedom of speech, freedom of religion, property and contract. Mary retired in August of 2005 with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.

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District #3

Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis is a skilled tradesman and has two children. He first became involved with the Libertarian Party of Michigan during the Jon Coon for US Senate Campaign in 1994. He gave the first nominating speech for Libertarian presidential hopeful Barry Hess in the 2000 National Convention and served on the National platform committee in 2004. He has served as editor of the Michigan Libertarian and has received the Producer of Liberty award. Jamie has twice been the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s candidate for Secretary of State.

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Tim Coon

Tim is no stranger when it comes to the fight to restore liberty in our republic and has become heavily involved with the Libertarian party of Michigan. He recently retired from the life of an owner operator within the transportation industry to focus on establishing firm roots for the Mid Michigan affiliate and furthering efforts at the state level. After being elected to the LEC, Tim swore to represent fellow party members within Michigan’s 4th congressional district to the best of his ability and welcomes the opportunity to serve as a representative.

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Mark Sanborn

Mark is a retired automotive process engineer and consultant, instructor of “Lean Manufacturing” (waste reduction) and “Failure Mode and Effects Analysis” (a NASA problem solving methodology). Mark is currently applying his analytical skills toward identifying inherent weaknesses within the political system and formulating solutions to them.

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Wendi Parker

Wendi is from St. Joseph and joined the Libertarian Party in 2016 following Rand Paul’s announcement that he was dropping out of the presidential race. She became considerably more active, in 2017, soon after the February special convention. Wendi has been working to establish a Lakeshore affiliate that would serve Libertarian members in bottom western corner of the state.

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Norman Peterson

Dr. Peterson has spent the past 30 years battling with burdensome government regulation. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from WMU and was the Director of Operations for the Foundation for Behavioral Resources which established and operated 5 charter schools in southwest Michigan. He has been a libertarian for over 20 years as a result of reading “Why Government Doesn’t Work.” He recently founded the Jackson-Hillsdale affiliate.

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Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood is a former Vice Chairman of the LPM. He is energetic and passionate about moving the party forward. Jeff is deeply involved in Libertarian politics across the state and nationwide.

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Mike Saliba

MIke Saliba is a life long resident of Michigan (as far as the government knows). He first went door to door for the Libertarian Party 2000 and became a dues paying member in 2012. Mike founded The Libertarians of Macomb County in 2016 and is currently Chair and ran for state rep in 2016. He is currently running for US Rep in 2018 and is currently serving 3 year appointment to The Clinton Twp. Historical Commission.

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John Kanan

John Kanan is a husband, father, and small business owner. He’s been an owner of Colortime Renovations LLC., along with his father since 2005. He is the Communications Director for the Libertarians of Macomb County affiliate, and is one of the affiliates founding members. He is also an aspiring candidate for State Representative in Michigan’s 33rd District.

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Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly is a seasoned business professional residing in Oakland County. He currently works within the commercial and industrial banking industry, but has a considerable background with insurance and financial services. In 2016, he was a key community organizer and volunteer in response to the Flint water crisis. Above all, Paul is a proud and devoted father of three beautiful daughters.

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Lawrence W. Johnson

Larry has lived in Ypsilanti Township for the last 21 years and served on the township parks commission from 2008 to 2012, elected on a partisan ballot as a Libertarian. He has also served in multiple offices in his local affiliate, served as an at-large rep to the LPM and as LPM vice chair.

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Adam Zientarski

Adam Zientarski runs his own CRM, marketing, and sales consultancy. Prior to starting his business, Adam was the Director of Business Development at Benzinga, a financial media company in Detroit, MI. Over his career, Adam has worked with some of the largest brands in finance to craft imaginative content and data solutions, with a particular specialty in alternative data.

Adam graduated from the University of Michigan class of 2015 with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a focus in entrepreneurial studies. He’s passionate about bringing liberty to the Detroit renaissance as well as an avid fan of hockey, college football, bourbon, and adventuring with his Lab mix puppy, Luna.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator border_width=”2″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]District #14

Ben Carr

Ben Carr lives in Oak Park and is a Professor of History and social scientist. Originally hailing from Texas, he relocated to Michigan with his Michigander wife in 2014. He has been affiliated with the Libertarian Party since 2011 and has been an active member, in Oakland County, since 2016. He also volunteers at Care House of Oakland County with children who are victims of abuse. Ben is a dedicated individualist and believes strongly in the natural rights and self-sovereignty of every human being.

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Judicial Committee Members

Contact Committee

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James Hudler

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Kerry Morgan

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Ken Proctor

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