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We’re born to be free to live our lives as we choose so long as we do not harm others. That’s what the Libertarian Party believes. We’re glad you found us here (in Michigan) where we have an exciting group of people who want to help you help us take charge of our lives, and put government in its proper place. Please click here to get involved.

Convention 2015 in Kalamazoo, Saturday May 9
“Let’s Grow Liberty”

KzooWe have an exciting convention in the works for LPMers and guests this year, in the original home of Gibson guitars and major player in founding the modern American craft beer movement: Kalamazoo. In fact, Friday night (5/8) plans are to host a pub crawl! [For $20 you get a snazzy LPM t-shirt, august company, and transportation to downtown and back to the hotel… which is the Holiday Inn West.]

Convention speakers are:

  • C. Michael Pickens—keynote
  • Darryl W. Perry—banquet
  • Brian R. Wright—breakout

This is the ‘in between’ convention year, with officers and bylaws/platform up for reconfiguration. Please don’t miss what promises to be an auspicious and fertile event… one for the books. We’re trying to keep costs down in these trying times on the threshold of ‘rEvolution.’ So come one, come all. Details here.

The Libertarian party of michigan is holding a tagline contest!

You could win a FREE t-shirt!

What we’re looking for:
We need a tagline for both our yearly convention t-shirt and for our more general event t-shirts. We’re looking for either funny or liberty inspiring quotes/taglines.

More Details

Run for a Nonpartisan Political Office
by Leonard Schwartz, Political Director

LSchwartzLibertarians’ greatest success is in nonpartisan elections. There are 92 LP members currently serving in nonpartisan elected positions; four in Michigan. Nearly all Michigan cities have nonpartisan elections this November. Here is how to get on the ballot:

1. Contact your city clerk to learn (a) the deadline for submitting candidate paperwork and (b) the number of valid signatures you need. Also ask if you can get on the ballot by paying a filing fee instead of petitioning and whether the fee is refundable. Your city clerk will provide petition forms and an “Affidavit of Identity.”

2. Unless you will pay a filing fee, gather signatures from city residents.
[Read full column here.]

Neil Carrick Files Suit for Marriage/Religion Freedom in Michigan

He will be speaking at the Oakland County Libertarian meeting Wednesday February 18.
He spoke at the Wayne County Libertarian February meeting.

minister.jpgAs many of you know I filed a lawsuit concerning Religious Freedom against the State of Michigan. The case is Carrick v Snyder. The Defendants named are the Michigan Governor and Attorney General. The Complaint will be online in the next few days.

The Detroit News just posted this story. So in the next few days stories like this will emerge over me filing a lawsuit against the Governor and the Attorney General of Michigan over Religious Freedom and the Right of Clergy to do what they believe is right when it comes to marriage. Please lend me a hand here.

full column here.

Note: Neil will appear on Fox 2 Detroit’s ‘Let it Rip’ on Sunday a.m. 9:30 (1/18/15)
More News: Washington Post Blog by a UCLA Law Professor 1/14/15

Election 2014 Results

Greg Stempfle reports via Facebook and posted here:

  • Mary Buzuma: 35,570 votes (1.13%), Governor, LPM best ever
  • James Lewis: 60,874 votes (1.98%), Secretary of State, LPM best ever
  • Jim Fulner: 62,623 votes (2.01%), US Senator, only minor to exceed 2% since Jon Coon
  • State House average percentage 4.96%, LPM best ever
  • District 61, Michael Stampfler: 2,941 votes (8.88%), LPM best ever since Coon (15.74%)
  • State Senate average percentage 4.47%, LPM best ever
  • District 20, Lorence Wenke: 7,263 votes (9.03%), best ever for any 3d party
  • Congress average: 2.03%, best except 2012 (2.31%)
  • Ed Boards: two LPM candidates finish in top three for all races

In summary, “we done good.” Much to digest and look positively upon. Stempfle post.


Other Recent Stories and Posts

Go to this page (http://michiganlp.org/?page_id=63) for full listing of LPM news and stories.

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What Liberty is All About

History of the Libertarian Party

Archive of the Libertarian Party of Michigan’s First 25 Years

End of the Two-Party System?

It’s with some reservation that I, Webmaster Brian, post the ‘Adolph Hitler’ video dubbed by our own Steve Mace to convey the message that the Two Party System—like the demise of our premier A-List 20th century dictator—is on the ropes. But I, Webmaster Brian, think it’s absolutely brilliant… and devastating. Let me know what you think… using Reply box below.

Advisory: some language is, well, PG-85. If you’re over 85, you may consider it unduly harsh and profane. Though my guess is ol’ Adolph actually used a little profanity here and there and it’s certainly how the higher echelons of power in Lansing do business and lament their approaching end of days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4A3XuH8rhg&feature=share

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Arnis Davidsons

    Congratulations to the new Board members!

    I am the current “caretaker” of our Statue of Liberty. If ANYONE has any information regarding the history of this statue, PLEASE send me an email! All I know is that she was a donation to LPWM from LPSWM. If anyone knows WHO made her, or WHEN she was made, (or any other info), PLEASE let me know. Many people asked me questions about her at the Convention, which I was unable to answer. I would like to write up a “history” of “the Lady”, and perhaps make a sign to display next to her when she’s out in public. While she looks good for her age, I’m hoping to get her “cleaned up” a bit, and fit her with a new torch. I’m also hoping to get her back out on public display more often. (We really need a trailer!)

    If anyone has any info for me, my email is:

    Thank you for any help.
    In Liberty
    Arnie Davidsons
    Vice Chair, LPWM

    1. Arnis Davidsons

      Ok, Folks.. I have received some information that conflicts, regarding Lady Liberty.
      Is there a chance that we have TWO of them? Anybody with info, please feel free to pitch in!

      Thank you,.
      Arnie Davidsons

  2. Bob

    When i clicked on your calendar to view/download free pdf doc it wanted me to install a toolbar. I do not use or d-load toolbars. I am interested in the info. Can i get these doc’s elsewhere?

  3. Gregory Creswell

    I would like to thank all who attended the Liberty Fest 2014 dinner and to those who wanted too but could not, your presences and well wishes were felt throughout the hall. I, Gregory, was in charge of finding a trophy shop, making sure that all was in order pertaining to the trophies. I blew it when it came to one of the winner’s first name. It was missed spelled, I did not do my job correctly. It will be corrected. The winner with good humor, took it all in stride. He accepted my apology on behalf of myself and the Libertarian Party’s Wayne County chapter (we hosted the event). Mr. Davidsons, thanks for understanding and your humbling good natured response. God Bless.

  4. Brian Pendleton

    Dear Fellow supporters of Liberty!

    Please review the footage of this brutal beating against an unarmed citizen by Officer William Melendez of the Inkster MI, Police Dept!!

    Sign the petition and support Citizens rights!

    Call and let them know you will not stand for this brutality against the citizenry!!



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